Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Date: Dinner at Nessa & a Romantic Movie

For the month of love, I had a very romantic date planned to sort of be a kick-start into Valentine's Day. Despite the horrific snow storm that swept the Northeast, our roads were cleared and Ms. Bedi was ready to watch Adelaide. I was all dolled up in my skinny jeans and pink & green tweed jacket prepped for date night. Well we pulled up to Nessa in Port Chester for Ryan to let me out while he parked the car. It didn't take but a few seconds for me to realize that I was going to be sick. So I proceeded to projectile vomit 5 times steps from the entrance. Perfect. Feeling much better though, I waltzed in and was seated. Ryan and I ordered an appetizer and our meals as I was confident that I would be able to eat since my stomach was soothed and my headache was a distant memory. Ha ha ha silly me. I took one bite of the appetizer and realized that was a horrible idea.

I made the waitress take a picture for proof of date :)

Needless to say, I boxed up my dinner and we hit the road home. In the middle of the night, Ryan came running in the guest room (after I had finally fallen asleep post extreme fever) huffing & puffing saying that he had just thrown up. Excellent.

We ended up watching Hope Springs on NetFlix as our romantic movie while wallowing in our failed date night & yucky sickness. So much for that sultry adult night out!

We are hoping March's date isn't such a bust!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Turning 30

I must say it didn't really feel any different. I still look like I am about 12 without makeup on and I'm still eating whatever I feel like which is definitely promising if you ask me.

The day did, however, go quite flawlessly. I awoke to the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls baking in the oven (my fave). Then Ryan slipped out while Adelaide and I played by the pool at my parents' house in Naples. I blogged, talked to my fam, and wore a tank top thanks to the warm Florida sun. Ryan came back with a colorful bouquet, birthday balloons, and a Starbucks. We enjoyed a 4 mile family walk around the neighborhood followed by a champagne toast poolside. Dinner reservations were early since we had 6am flights. Season's 52 was fabulous. We each enjoyed a steak & seafood dinner with complimentary champagne and Napa wine. Topped off with mini desserts and a smiling baby girl who let mommy & daddy eat in peace while she played in her high chair. A stroll around 3rd Avenue shops in downtown Naples made the crisp, cool evening sweet. Finishing the big 3-0 with snuggles on the couch and a superb birthday card/present...we are going to Rome & Tuscany in May! Woo hoo!

To those of you still holding on to 29, thirty ain't so bad after all ;) I just know this is going to be the best decade yet...stay tuned as I document share it here with you!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Copy Cat Closet: Floral

Another week, another challenge. I happen to actually really like floral. Mainly because one shirt comes to mind that hangs so delicately in my closet. So it is less effort for me to put together a fancy outfit. Haha.

I nabbed this shirt online for all of $15. Yes you read that correctly. I just thought it was super cute with the floral and the 3/4 length sleeves and the fancy bow necktie. I paired it with a pair of green skinny corduroy pants for our anniversary day date.

Bare with me as I am out of town and this was the best picture of it I could find. If you zoom in or blow up the pic, you can see the details. I slid on a pair of grey ankle booties and called it a day.
I also just wore this outfit to the Late Show with David Letterman in NYC when my mom & sis were visiting. It really is a nice ensemble to wear for any occassion.
Happy Florals!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Memory 18: Saving the Best for Last

Memory 18: Miss Adelaide Jane

August 30, 2012. The most rewarding day of my life. The most surreal day of my life. The day I became a mom. I couldn't have asked for a better way to slide into my 30's than to give birth to a beautiful baby girl weighing 8lb 6.5 oz, measuring 20.5 inches long with jet black hair all over her little head. And 100% perfection all around.

If you follow this blog or are friends with me on facebook then you have seen countless photos of my little peach. You have watched her grow right along side of me as she went from a newborn to one month to two months to three months to four months to five months and now to almost six months. You see, her & I, share birthdays. Her half birthday is February (my bday month) and her birthday is August (my half bday month). I just find that to be so neat. Just another way we are best friends ;)

So today when I woke up to being 30, I might have had to take a few deep breaths. But as soon as I opened my eyes and saw Adelaide's sweet face, I melted. No fears about turning 30 after she flashed her precious smile at me.

Bring it on THIRTY!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Memory 17: The Big Apple

Memory 17: Moving to New York, buying a home, and nesting

The last year of my twenties has been one of great change. We got married in November, took an amazing two week honeymoon to Sydney & Fiji, came to NY to house hunt for a week, packed up our home in San Fran, enjoyed Christmas with family in KY and Naples, found out I was pregnant, moved to New York staying in a hotel for the first month until closing on our house, closed on our house, published a book, and set to nesting before Adelaide's arrival.

That is a lot. A lot of change. All at one time. For one person. For one couple.

It has been a booming way to spend my 29th year. Really it has. I can't think of a better way to have spent it honestly. My heart is incredibly full with much joy and love. But mostly with peace. I have developed an inner peace. A more laid back approach to life (despite what my mom and husband might say). Mature in the ways I want to be and a kid in others. More self-confident, more assured of who I am.

I have grown so much in my 29th year and I cannot wait to keep the momentum going into my thirties.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Memory 16: Acapulco Nights

Memory 16: Spring Break '05 in Acapulco
Me, Ali, KP, & Haynes

Ahhmazing. Sun, sand, drinks in hand. One of those trips where you want to bottle it up, place a cap on it, and savor every last memory. Our room was a shit show from day one. KP, Ali, Amy, & I were bunked up on the 20-something floor overlooking the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico. We could hear the techno music blaring from the pool as spring breakers swam up to the bar. We brushed our teeth with bottled water and took turns doing Ali's hair & make up. We arrived at clubs two hours before to skip lines and get the best local bartenders. We immediately took shots upon entering club this and club that, tipped the waiters to give us top notch service, and drank copious amounts of watered-down mixed drinks. We danced the night away with the devil (no really there was a man dressed up as a devil who came out at night) as the stars shone bright through the wide, glass windows. Ahhmazing!

classic club night

So thankful to look back on such an exciting trip during my youth with great friends. One that will remain on my heart and in my mind forever. One that I hope Adelaide will enjoy in oh-say 21 years.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Memory 15: Woman's Best Friend

Memory 15: Baby Beaumont

The sweetest face on puppy Earth. I love this baby puppy more than anyone will ever know. He was my best friend, my rock, my salvation during a very difficult time in my life. He always loves me and is happy to see me, despite my faults. He gives amazing kisses and is a great big brother. 6 year later he still lights up my world!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Memory 14: Je t'aime mon cheri

Memory Fourteen: Our Journey to Love

I love our love story. It is one right out of a book. One all about timing and how it makes all the difference in the world. I love all of the fun we have had and continue to have. All of your bucket lists and things we want to see & do as a couple.

Here are a few of my favorite snapshots from when it all began...

Happy Valentine's Day to the Love of My Life!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Copy Cat Closet: Stripes

Linking up with Ma Nouvelle Mode this week for a simple & fun challenge of stripes. I just scored this super fun purple & blue striped sweater at Loft for $20. YES! Major sale and I like it! Paired with my skinny jeans & new Uggs, I hit the streets of N-Y-C with my mom & sister to be tourists. 

If you are interested in linking up, be sure to visit Ma Nouvelle Mode and get style inspiration directly to your inbox! I can't wait to see what each new challenge brings for my inner fashionista because this new mommy needs all the style tips she can get!

the Grant life;

Memory 13: Travel, Travel, Everywhere

Memory Thirteen: Traveling the World

An excerpt from 25 Before 25:

With over thirty states under my belt by the time I entered my 20’s, I decided to expand my goals to reach all seven continents before the good Lord called me home. So when I was given the opportunity to explore other continents, my heart was elated. My jaw physically dropped at the vast beauty of the Austrian land. My eyes ogled at the magnificent lakes and mountains that grace Switzerland. My nose rejoiced in the sweet smells of French pastries. My ears were soothed by the crashing waves off the Italian coast. My hands caressed and fed the wild animals that attract tourists to Australia. And my mind raced with curiosity around the hustle and bustle of Asian interaction.

We live in a world with seven continents, one-hundred ninety five countries, and nineteen major bodies of water. In the United States alone, there are fifty states each made up of hundreds of cities. The world is a big, big place with lots to learn and be seen. There is much culture in the world. Each culture, nationality, and tribe has its own set of morals and values that guide them through life. Every continent, country, and state has much to teach us. Teach us about ourselves, life, and love.

The miraculous creatures and exotic birds which make-up individual continents are fascinating. And the people...well the people indulge us with their charisma and charm gained from their ancestry. The language of tongue with which they communicate is a romance of its own. The rich spirit of life that they exploit is uncanny and unmistakable.

Each traveling experience has brought a sense of peace within me, and I hope that you too will be able to feel and experience such beauty. My heart still smiles as I venture into a new place. My eyes still light up at the world’s individual beauties.

Through travel, I have learned so much about myself and my surroundings. I have been challenged by removing technology and my cultural crutches in the small town of Telfs, Austria. Shut off from the Internet, email, and phone with no way to contact my family and friends and unable to read or communicate in the language of the land, I existed outside of my comfort zone. I developed a broader frame of reference for carrying myself through life, and satisfied my curiosity by supplying me with life-changing information. To be somewhat helpless and left to observe and absorb the culture and lifestyle of the foreign countries I visited was in many ways liberating. And as I encountered and conversed with people of various cultures during travel, my life became enriched with their knowledge and story of life. Furthermore, I was able to expand my horizons and gain a fresh perspective on life. A perspective that allowed and continues to allow me to check my judgments at the door and leave my comfort zone at home.

The largest journey I experienced while traveling wasn’t the 2000 miles, it was the internal journey with myself. As I brushed the unknown, I allowed myself to remember who I truly am and appreciate what I have. I opened my heart to the vast world before me. And I invite you to also open your heart to the world, our world.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Memory 12: Aloha Malihini

Memory Twelve: Thanksgiving in Hawaii

Back in 2006, Allison, Jennylynn, & Kim were living the dream. Out in Hawaii. The three of them trickled to the Islands post college one by one. I had the pleasure of spending a month in Honolulu & Maui while they were all living there. It was truly an experience of a lifetime to explore the gifts that both islands have to offer.

With gorgeous views of the ocean and the cities, each morning was filled with big smiles and sighs of happiness. Plus flip flops and tank tops. Allison and I spent some time driving around in her sweet little convertible cruising Oahu's sights and sounds. We watched waves crash from the mountaintop and snacked at hidden local spots. We enjoyed girls nights to restaurants and bars sipping wine to appear sophisticated. We dined at Duke's to see Kimmie in action.

When it came time for Thanksgiving, we nestled up in their tiny condo to celebrate. With paper head dresses, we chowed down on all of the traditional fixins from the south. Full bellys and happy hearts for sure.

My time in Maui was met by Kendahl popping over from KY. We went snorkeling and swam with dolphins. We lounged by the pool and hit up the water slide at the Hilton Resort. We took long walks to sweat off the numerous pina coladas and Hawaii fair we consumed.

A month full of family & friends coupled with the sunsational atmosphere & spirit of Hawaii made for a beautiful experience. One that I will remember always.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Memory 11:11:11

Memory Eleven: Our Wedding Day

November 11, 2011 is the best day of my life. There are no words that will do its perfection justice. So I will share these pictures as they tell the beautiful story of that day...

And here is a beautiful tribute to our here to view

Music Mondays: Birdy, Part Two

Another amazing song from the 14 year old phenom...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Memory 10 Thousand Feet Plus

Memory Ten: Hiking Our Way to Love

It is amazing what one will do for love. Like hike a brutal summer series of mountains ranging from 2000 feet to 14,505 feet. Borderline crazy I know, but it was Ryan's dream to hike Halfdome and Mount Whitney. And well you don't just hike those mountains without preparation and training.

So we spent the late spring through early fall of 2010 hiking our way through the mountains of California. Sometimes we were all sweat and smiles. Other times we fought worked out our issues. The wilderness has a way of bringing out the best and worst in people. There is peace in the solitude and quiet nature of the outdoors; yet it can create way too much time for your mind to wander to too many things.

We also became a stronger couple as the training went on. Something magical happens when two people work towards a common goal; needing one another's help along the way; finally reaching the pentacle of achievement.

And even though we didn't get engaged on the top of Mount Whitney like I so had hoped, I am so happy that we embarked on such an exciting adventure together. Looking back, I can see how the love between us grew with each passing hike and the strength that it has brought to our marriage.

Now on to Mount Everest???

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Memory (2000) NINE

Memory Nine: Sunny San Diego + Doggie Happy Hour + Adventures with the Rhodes Boys + PB's Shore Club

Ah Pacific Beach, where we may look like adults but are most definitely not acting like it. Where doctors & lawyers surf on their lunch break. Every. Single. Day. Where the sun shines all the time. Where temps are a solid 75 degrees year round. Where you can sip a giant bowl of beer or cocktail while watching the sunset and the waves crash against the beach. Where the two minute drive from La Jolla to PB has the most gorgeous view. Where downtown has the aura of LA but the pleasantry of the south. Where all you see is smiles.

It is no secret that I loved every second of my time in San Diego. Really there wasn't much to not love. I had the amazing opportunity to homeschool and coach two wonderful boys. I played tennis twice a day usually in between swimming at the beach or cruising PB on my beach cruiser. Every Wednesday was doggie happy hour at the San Diego Food & Wine Center. Us humans dined on fancy apps & sipped wine while our pups socialized sand leashes.

This is where I met Shana. The wonderful Shana who has the biggest heart of anyone in the world. Yes I will challenge you to bring someone as God-devoted, positive, upbeat, & selfless as her. We would eventually become roomies with Marky Mark at 1812 Chalcedony. Oh the memories. She is also the unbelievably talented photographer who did our engagement & wedding pictures. She was the creator of Neighbor Wars, a festive weekend filled with scavenger hunts, beer tasting, sangria making, & other adult games. **Champion of Neighbor Wars 2 by the way**

PB is where I met ERIN (get down!), the Brookes and the Navy boys. It is where we became a pseudo family away from our real families. We had tacos on Tuesdays. We went to Shore Club on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays. We danced the night away at Moondoggies. We had brunch at Sandbar in Mission Beach every Sunday. We had slumber parties in the neighborhood. We went boating in the bay. We cheered on the Chargers and the Padres. We drank wine at Kate Sessions. We clubbed it at Basic downtown. We bonded over late night conversations.

San Diego is where I gained my life back. I restored confidence in myself and those around me. I built life-long friendships while having the time of my life. I learned what true happiness is all about in SD. I learned that life can be what you want it to be. I learned to do the things that I enjoy without feeling guilty for choosing that lifestyle/life motto.

I will always have a soft spot in my heart for San Diego. It brought Ryan back into my life after many years of separation. And well, we all know how that story turns out...