Saturday, February 16, 2013

Memory 16: Acapulco Nights

Memory 16: Spring Break '05 in Acapulco
Me, Ali, KP, & Haynes

Ahhmazing. Sun, sand, drinks in hand. One of those trips where you want to bottle it up, place a cap on it, and savor every last memory. Our room was a shit show from day one. KP, Ali, Amy, & I were bunked up on the 20-something floor overlooking the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico. We could hear the techno music blaring from the pool as spring breakers swam up to the bar. We brushed our teeth with bottled water and took turns doing Ali's hair & make up. We arrived at clubs two hours before to skip lines and get the best local bartenders. We immediately took shots upon entering club this and club that, tipped the waiters to give us top notch service, and drank copious amounts of watered-down mixed drinks. We danced the night away with the devil (no really there was a man dressed up as a devil who came out at night) as the stars shone bright through the wide, glass windows. Ahhmazing!

classic club night

So thankful to look back on such an exciting trip during my youth with great friends. One that will remain on my heart and in my mind forever. One that I hope Adelaide will enjoy in oh-say 21 years.

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  1. If you want to re-live your fun in Acapulco, I just released a book called "Acapulco Nights" that was inspired by my own experiences in Mexico. :-)