Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween aka "Adult Dress Up Free Day"

After not dressing up for Halloween last year (and feeling incredibly horrible about it (mainly because I paid $50 for an unused costume)), we decided to do it up in style this year.

My Derby horse and I met up with Lady Gaga & Justin Bieber for some drinks & dancing in Manhattan Beach. We sang along to oldies with the band led by Ozzy Osbourne. We laughed and pointed at the various costumes. Highlights include the freaky Lady G, the speedo sporting water polo player, and the camel toe (who actually looked like a 70's hippie). But mostly, we felt right back in college...just what Lady Gaga and I were hoping for.

Other participants and their outfits can be seen below!

Tay as Finding Nemo

Liz & her sister as lions

Friday, October 29, 2010

Rookie of the Year

John Wall or DeMarcus Cousins

Who the hell cares? I'd be happy with either. The pure fact that the discussion is between two former Wildcats makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

It's basketball season, baby! (in the horrid Dicky V voice)

Late 20's Life Crisis

This morning as I drove to work and listened to Prince's Raspberry Beret, it dawned on me that I am experiencing a late 20's life crisis. You know the kind when "you are not engaged or married, do not own a house, and especially do not have kids but your younger siblings have all of the above as do the majority of your friends and your heart (and body) desire these things plus you were raised in the south which makes this an expectation" type of life crisis.

Perhaps I am being selfish and bratty which I am only slightly afraid to admit. But if these things are what my heart desires then what do I do? Look at my heart and say, "you are being a brat." Not to mention that the yearning for a child has much to do with the genetic make-up as well as the ever-changing female body which I indeed did not create (because if I had, I would have left a few choice things out that women suffer through FYI).

Maybe if I was born and raised in Oshkosh, Wisconsin I wouldn't feel the pressure of the good ole' south and I'd be more concerned with things such as cheese and overalls. Unfortunately, that is just not the case with me.

I have worked so hard to have few (if any) regrets in my life, but with age it becomes more difficult to continue that mentality. I make mistakes, lots of them actually, and sometimes I wish I could turn back the clock (just for a minute) and have a redo. Lately, I find myself wanting to turn back someone else's clock. To have a redo for someone else. Mainly because I struggle so much with a past that does not even belong to me. It is almost like I am in competition with a past that can never be changed, and in order for me to move towards what my heart desires, I must trump the competition. Talk about a 'no win' situation.

And lately it seems that LeAnn Rimes' Jenny and I have more in common than I'd care for frankly:

Jenny's got a job, a cat named Jake,
31 candles on her birthday cake
Next year

Thought by now she'd have a man
Two car seats and a minivan
But it still ain't here

She's riding out the twists of fate
She's had all that she can take
She says something's gotta give

Ok I don't have a cat nor am I quite to 30, much less 31, (and a minivan will never be my thing) but I do keep beggin' that Something's Gotta Give.

My Baby Beaumont

For the past 3 1/2 years, little Beau man has been my constant bff. I love(d) coming home to his wagging tail and wide-eyed gaze. I love(d) watching him prance his way down the sidewalk making it known that he is the king of the neighborhood despite his size. I love(d) how he rolled over and growled for me to rub his belly all the while smiling with his bright under-bite shining through. I love(d) cuddling up to him at nighttime and having him warm my feet as he snoozed dreamily (with the occasional snore). And I love(d) waking up to him laying on my chest staring at me with those sweet eyes and saying, "wake up mommy; it is time to take me potty."

But what I love(d) most is how no matter how I was feeling, the little guy always made me feel better. Dogs truly are woman's best friend. I can't wait to be reunited with Baby Beau soon!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Terrifying Thursday Thoughts

They say that knowledge is power. I partially agree with this statement. However, in my most recent experiences, I believe knowledge to be a dangerous evil. It is like that catch-22 of do you really want to know if your boyfriend cheated on you 10 years ago when you just started dating. In hindsight, you don't want to feel like the world is looking at you as if you are a fool. But on the other hand, knowing the slightest piece of info can make a world of difference (often for the not-so-good).

This is an example of how/why my curiosity and snoopy nature gets me into trouble. Here I sit trying to expunge my mind of nonsense that I neither needed nor truly wanted to know. It has served me no purpose but that of harm. All the while, I am sure God is nodding down shaking his head at me saying "told ya so." And I am pretty sure that the devil is simultaneously laughing at his upper hand on me.

Grrrrr to Thursday's thoughts.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hump Day Thanks Carol for Getting Us Through

In my day, I have heard some pretty ridiculous comments. Some make me ponder the thoughts that go through other people's minds and others bring me to hysterics. Well today, the one and only Carol (her name has been changed for her own protection), EA to our CEO managed to bring the whole office tumbling to their knees in laughter with this doting question:

"Hey Greg, is Alaska part of the United States?"

And there you have it folks. A grown woman unsure of the great 50 that make up our country.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You Know You Are An Adult When...

1. doing laundry and cleaning the house constitutes as a productive weekend

2. 4 couples you know got engaged in one week

3. you opt for the 7pm viewing of a movie because the 9pm is way too late

4. baby showers replace parties on the weekends

5. your Christmas wish list consists of household items such as tea sets, punch bowls, and ice cream makers

P.S. Delight yourself in these snap shots from Amanda & Shane's couples shower this past weekend. The Campisano's are always throwing fabulous parties! So sad to have missed it :(

Monday, October 25, 2010

Low Key in Joshua Tree

Our hiking adventures have taken a real backseat since we reached the pinnacle of the lower 48, Mount Whitney. Our bodies certainly needed a rest after 8 months of training, and our plates became rather full with bachelorette parties, weddings, and football games.

But in true sneaky fashion and in alignment with our 'list of stuff to do', Ryan made a little surprise trip to Joshua Tree for some sun and outdoor fun. This hike was nothing strenuous, a 3 mile loop with a baby climb upwards, but the views were breathtaking as always. We hadn't really hiked in the desert before so this was a new kind of scenery.

The hour and a half drive through the National Park wasn't so bad either. A lot of burnt green colored shrubbery and plenty of blooming (not sure if that is the proper term for this type of greenery) Joshua Trees. Vast land in brownish tents and lots of rocks that seemed strategically placed on top of one another. And I can't forget to mention the mountains, big and tall standing behind the rocks.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lingo's Finest

This is what we do on our lunch break...I highly recommend it as a great ab workout

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rain, Rain...

Go away...

Come again...


Monday, October 18, 2010

The Last Dessert

P90X calls for a lot of things...however dessert is not one of them.

Before everyone has a conniption fit, I will go ahead and let you know that I am not partaking in this little workout regime. Ryan is though which means my weekend rituals of Chipotle and other fatty-like foods are going out the door for awhile (insert extreme sad face here).

Our meals will now consist of lots of veggies (Vanessa would never survive this diet), protein in the form of chicken, chicken, and more chicken, and a plethora of fruits. I am game to cook new dishes and live a healthier lifestyle sans the workout portion. Hey, isn't that what a supportive girlfriend does?

As a supportive boyfriend, Ryan decided to let us go on a real bender this weekend. We ate enough desserts to last him 90 days...

Exhibit 1: Dots cupcakes for Brandon's birthday

The Culprit: Vanessa

Exhibit 2: sweet treats at home

Exhibit 3: Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory

Yummy Oreo Cheesecake and Pumpkin/Pecan Cheesecake

Can you really do without this smile for 90 days, sneaks?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Lot With A Little Peek

The annual ESPN Body Issue was released this past week. The issue, in its controversy, is meant to highlight and exploit the magnificent bodies of supreme athletes. Its purpose is to show both genders of all ages that the athletically toned and muscular body is indeed a thing of beauty. (Quite a few water polo community members missed the educational part of the piece and used their close-mindedness to judge our national team.)

ESPN chose 6 covers for their distribution to nearly 1.9 million readers. One just happened to include the USAWP Women's National Team. 12 members of the reigning Olympic Silver Medalist team volunteered for the photo shoot to help America's young female athletes see the beauty in a full athletic figure. Other athletes featured in the spread include Patrick Willis (SF 49'ers), Julia Mancuso (Olympic Skier), Amar'e Stoudemire (NY Knicks), and Diana Taurasi (WNBA Phoenix Mercury).

For footage of the team's interview with Fox News, click here.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Reality versus Reality

Without fail, this happens to me all the time. Just when I think I am in a good spot and I have it all figured out, something comes along to remind me that my reality is not that of real reality. I know that my little mind is on constant overload, and I really would be serving a better purpose to the world by being some type of detective as my deductive reasoning and puzzle piece thoughts constantly flow about non-criminal situations. I just can't help but get upset each time this happens though.

Dear Lord, please grant me the patience and understanding needed to get through this somewhat stressful time. Help me to overcome my fears and have faith in your plan for me. Please allow my mind to rest and my anxiety to ease up. Thank you for all of my blessings, both past and present. Amen.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A (non) Haunting Surprise

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate clutter, crammed spaces, and non-organization. So everyone will be shocked to know that I have NOT had a mental breakdown over the state of my small apartment that is being lived in by 2.

Please see the pics below for evidence.

many suitcases lined in a row on the bedroom floor

if you look closely, you can see the tie rack
on the right and the suits on the left

more boxes, suitcases, and shoes

Aside from maintaining my cool, I have even managed to put out a few Halloween decorations despite the lack of room around the house. These are courtesy of our moms and their craftiness.

Nadine's Pillow

hand towels courtesy of mi madre

pumpkin candle from my mommy

two little scarecrows (aka Ryan & I)

my very cozy pumpkin socks

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Yee Haw Kind of Wedding

Jessi & Andy met in Chicago 2 year ago. I knew he was the one for her. I could tell it in how she spoke about him. In all the time I’ve known her (which is my entire life), I’d never seen her get nervous. He made her nervous, in a good way.

I was fortunate enough to witness the commitment and vows they made in front of family and friends on Sunday afternoon. Another love affair of two people who truly make one another better people.

The lovely bride rode in on a thorough bred horse and was accompanied down the aisle by her baby brother. The groomsmen wore cowboy boots with their chocolate brown tuxedos. And as they pronounced them husband and wife, the two yelled “yee haw!”

I also enjoyed being able to spend time with the family. The Evans' have been an extension of my own family (more like cousins than friends) so all of the Collins' came out to support this new union.

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Andy Alexander!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Davis Bond

I’ve attended many weddings in my lifetime. Some as the invitee and some as the invitee’s date. Many of my acquaintances have watched their nearest and dearest marry, but it was something I had yet to experience until this weekend. In many ways, it was a somewhat surreal experience. We had been to Nola for JL’s bachelorette party, but aside from the large amount of penis-phinalia and risqué lingerie gifts, it seemed much like our other girls’ trips.

Even upon arriving in Fulton, KY after a swift stop at the Nashville airport to pick up Ryan, reality still hadn’t fully set in. The bridal luncheon was a lovely affair with champagne, down-home southern cooking, and delicious cakes mixed with a game of catch up on how everyone’s travels had gone.

As we ventured to the rehearsal, it all began to feel somewhat real. We played nice with the wedding planners, practiced walking down the aisle, and posed nicely for photo ops. The rehearsal dinner at the newly designed Keg was a perfect mix of sentiment and comedy among the speeches with flowing wine and more southern comfort dishes. We finished out the night with an “after party” at the maison de Campbell where we all got a little wild.

Saturday morning came too early as we showered and headed to the beauty shop. Shape, Rattle, and Roll is something straight out of the movie Steel Magnolias. With four beauticians armed with curling irons, mounds of bobby pins, and endless bottles of hairspray, we spent the entire afternoon getting beautified. We dined on baby square chicken salad sandwiches, marinated asparagus, fresh fruit, mini éclairs, and bite sized brownies. We sipped on ice cold wine, bottle after bottle (just a little something to take the edge off, right JL?!)

After everyone had their hair and make-up geared up, we hurried to the church for photos. Within an hour or so, it was go time. Jennylynn looked stunning, a true southern beauty. Davis was grinning from ear to ear when he saw his bride walking down the aisle. The readings were fitting for the two, and the soloist was amazing. In true fashion, JL couldn’t even wait for the reverend to say “you may now kiss the bride.” She simply grabbed him by the neck with her two hands and leaned in. Classic.

As the two drove off in an old throwback automobile, we dashed to the reception with our shuttle driver blaring the latest techno and rap. The backyard was lit with beautiful candles and tea lights hung and strung every which way. The flowers were gorgeous and plentiful. We munched on chicken and steak skewers, sautéed veggies, warm crab casserole, and lots of yummy chocolate desserts. Linda (JL’s mom) surprised her with an armadillo cake as a tribute to the movie, red velvet and all. We consumed too much wine and champagne. We listened to our favorite Beale Street band and boogied on the dance floor until the wee hours of the night.

What a fabulous weekend with my best friends and our significant others!

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Davis Bond!