Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Memory 12: Aloha Malihini

Memory Twelve: Thanksgiving in Hawaii

Back in 2006, Allison, Jennylynn, & Kim were living the dream. Out in Hawaii. The three of them trickled to the Islands post college one by one. I had the pleasure of spending a month in Honolulu & Maui while they were all living there. It was truly an experience of a lifetime to explore the gifts that both islands have to offer.

With gorgeous views of the ocean and the cities, each morning was filled with big smiles and sighs of happiness. Plus flip flops and tank tops. Allison and I spent some time driving around in her sweet little convertible cruising Oahu's sights and sounds. We watched waves crash from the mountaintop and snacked at hidden local spots. We enjoyed girls nights to restaurants and bars sipping wine to appear sophisticated. We dined at Duke's to see Kimmie in action.

When it came time for Thanksgiving, we nestled up in their tiny condo to celebrate. With paper head dresses, we chowed down on all of the traditional fixins from the south. Full bellys and happy hearts for sure.

My time in Maui was met by Kendahl popping over from KY. We went snorkeling and swam with dolphins. We lounged by the pool and hit up the water slide at the Hilton Resort. We took long walks to sweat off the numerous pina coladas and Hawaii fair we consumed.

A month full of family & friends coupled with the sunsational atmosphere & spirit of Hawaii made for a beautiful experience. One that I will remember always.

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