Thursday, March 23, 2017

Brighton Kevin: 18 Months

Dearest Brighton Kevin,

How are you 18 months already sweet boy? I feel like the last 6 months have flown by with you. You have grown so much...taller, wiser, sweeter. You light up a room and have a way of brightening everyone's day.

After turning one, you went through a spell of night temper tantrums. We were still in the apartment at that time so it was excruciatingly painful for us all. But the doctor was right...we let you cry it out one night and that was the end of it!

You are a walking/running machine. Always trying to keep up with your siblings! You like to do everything that they tennis, put your shoes on, play golf, throw the ball, etc. You cannot stand to be left out and you are always showing them how big you are.

You have some new words: ball, all done, uh oh, sock, shoe, and a whole lot of babbling conversations with yourself! You get so excited when you point to something and I get it right on what you want. You start clapping and smiling!

You love Marshall from Paw Patrol and carry him with you everywhere. You squeal when Moana and Trolls are on the TV. You sing along and dance to the songs. In fact, you will dance to just about anything...I think this comes from watching your sister :)

You love to give hugs and kisses. You squeeze my legs so tight with your little arms to say "I love you." You also love to hug/lay on Beaumont & Giorgio. You are such a lover at heart. 

Son, your smile is contagious and you are so very loved!

I love you!