Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bula Fiji! (aka honeymoon part 4)

Just when we were all packed, "heading home", and I put my sad face on, Ryan went and pulled out another huge surprise. On day 6 of our travels, he decided to take me to Fiji instead of home. Shocked. Stunned. Overjoyed. A week of adventures followed by a week of relaxation. Perfection.

just found out we're going to FIJI!!!!

We hopped on the Air Pacific flight from Sydney to Fiji. The best part about flying internationally is they give you booze for free. Free wine, free beer, free bourbon. You name it, they give it to you. We each enjoyed some Fiji beer & wine on our 4 hour hop, skip, & a jump to the island. Arriving in Nadi (greeted with a Fijian lieu) past dinner time, we did what most normal honeymooners do: ask our driver to stop at McD's for a hamburger or three. Don't worry, we treated the guy to a #2 much to his delight. Fulfilled and ready to hit the hay after the long short journey, I snoozed the whole 1 1/2 hour car ride to Sigatoka. Aside from stealing a few glimpses of the stars, I was out like a light...until we pulled into luxury. The Outrigger on the Lagoon Fiji is beyond heavenly with the most cheerful staff known to man. No really they are always happy. Greetings of Bula! surrounded us from every direction. Thompson, party of 2 checking in to paradise.

Air Pacific

going to Nadi...

Yes take me to Fiji ;)

nothing like a serenade greeting!


The buggie (golf cart) kindly toured us around the grounds making its way to our beachfront bure. One of only 6 that rest on the beach. Outside we were treated to a porch bench and hammock, two layout chairs on our grassy lawn, a hammock in our yard, two beach chairs on our sandy beach, and the sounds of waves whispering sweet dreams. Inside we were spoiled with butler service, a bottle of champagne, two newlywed suras, and the most intimate sleeping space. Literally felt like we were on a totally new vaca. Goodnight Fiji, I cannot wait to see you in the day.

just a friendly little note from our butlers

our escape 

compliments of the GM

sulas for hubby & wife

Bure 404

Awake around 11am because I am allowed to sleep until whenever I want here without feeling guilty. Open the curtains. Breathtaking. Bula sunshine, clear ocean water, sandy beach, and nothing to do but love life.

pay no attention to my foggy camera lens

After picking my jaw up from the floor and contemplating cheating on Ryan with the beach and the Pacific, we enjoyed lunch poolside. Next up was the beach. Complete with the good luck specialty cocktail. Yea I am a sucker for a good special especially one with a little umbrella garnish.

could seriously live here for ever...

so happy in Fiji!


toes in the sand

good luck please

Promptly at 5pm our butler Miri greeted us from our hammock nap with champagne and appetizers. Talk about romantic. Hammock, champagne, apps. Fellas, take notes on the way to a woman's heart. All cleaned up and ready for dinner, we hit the Sundowner which is a cute little spot on the beach overlooking the water and ideal for sunset watching.

party of 2

ready for a night out in Fiji!

hammock time


delicious food

chocolate mousse so yummy

yep thats my hubby

To shed those pounds, we strolled along the beach for a few after dinner before heading back to our bure for love-making...err I mean, a sip of port and a taste of mini desserts courtesy of our other butler Tavi.

evening delight

I like I'm going to like this Fiji place...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More Aussie Living (aka honeymoon part 3)

Day 4 started with another surprise adventure planned by the hubs. All dolled up, we joined a small, intimate group for a boutique wine tasting expedition. The journey to Hunter Valley was a brief hour and a half filled with lovely scenic views. Steve, our guide, provided the utmost cheer with his explanation of Australian history and wine connoisseur chat. With 4 other couples from various countries (Singapore, Sweden, England, France), we enjoyed wordly conversation and antics along the way as well.

take me to the wine ;)

We visited 2 wineries, Iron Gate & Ernest Hill, prior to lunch. Iron Gate has a spanish villa feel and specializes in perfected wine making techniques. They have a variety of wines from those that accompany a light lunch to heavy shiraz to sweet dessert ports. Simply a delight. Ernest Hill is a family owned vineyard by father and son who were present during our tasting. A funny bunch who enjoys wine tasting daily and names their wines after family members. A very gorgeous property all around.


lovely wine connoisseur

husband & wife

artsy photo

Steve the driver with a magnum bottle

more artsy

love birds

UK blue always

great view

skinny bottles!

we'll take a bottle or 10

yes I am enjoying this surprise ;)

Then we broke for lunch in the town center of Hunter Valley. Ryan opted for the gourmet lunch that included two courses and a bottle of wine (because we needed more of course). We enjoyed the break and the private dining experience. Plus we got a little lolly from the candy shop.

award winning

cozy little spot

cheers to married life

dessert. yes please!

I'll take a lolly

We finished up the tour with a tasting at Savannah. The wine was definitely flowing and we were really engaged with conversation with our newfound friends from France & the UK. We had lots of inquiries about the Olympics in London and even tossed around the idea of a house swap with the Frenchies. Eventually we got to laughing so hard with the wine and the accents and the wine that Ryan got reprimanded by the pouring man. And they say the French are assholes!

roos on the property...look closely in the trees

rustic place

aussie humour (spelled the aussie way ;) )

After getting all wined up, we decided to do a casual dinner at The Rocks. Basically the cobblestone street was lined with vendors for a nighttime farmers market. They had boat loads of food, clothes, and desserts. Did I mention desserts? We tried various vendors and filled our tummies up!

the place to be

hungry man

this guy literally dropping a sick beat on a a trash can with his ipod spinning like tiesto 

dessert in mini heaven form

The last day in Sydney was spent at Manly Beach. We sported our fave beach gear and rode the bus over the bridge and to the beach. With a view of sailboats and beach babies, we settled into a nice spot on the sand. I napped and Ryan people watched. Then we strolled along the boardwalk to check out shops as well as the other side of beach. The surfer dude side. After a few Pure Blondes and some delicious lunch, we posted ourselves back up on the sand. I felt the need to brave the cool waters since all of the cool kids were doing it. Jellyfish safe haven. I have never seen so many clear, squirmy creatures in all my life. Nor have I ever seen so many older gents in full blown speedos.

Manly beach

warming up my sun hat

beach bums

so true

need this for our house

I'm on vaca

pure blonde all the way

ahh take me back

braving the water

we'll take that sailboat please

cruisin' the waters

coming up to the bridge

A ride on the ferry back through the harbour capped off the evening. B-E-A-utiful!

Sadly, the following day it was time to say goodbye to Aussie land...