Saturday, March 30, 2013

Adelaide Jane: 7 Months

Dearest Adelaide Jane,

Where does the time go? You are more than half a year old now. Eek! You are getting more advanced and developing into a little toddler with each passing second. This was a big month for you in terms of growth.

You are eating 3 meals a day. Breakfast includes fruit & cereal. Lunch is pasta & veggies. Dinner is some sort of meat & veggies. Plus four 6oz bottles throughout the day. You L.O.V.E. food. You also love grabbing for your bottle and basically drink it yourself these days.

You can fully sit up on your own now. You army crawl forward, crawl backwards, and twirl in circles. You enjoy a little cat/cow yoga posing as well as the pialtes plank move. At Gymboree, you like to hold hands with Noah, grab Ethan's butt, and steal Matthew's mom's iPhone. You play maraca's with Ali, Alyssa, & Savennah. Sort of like a girl band ;)

Your babbling is off the charts as you constantly talk from morning until night. Saying things like baba, dada, iya, eee, and *momma*. You are working so hard to make more sounds that you often grunt loudly. I get a huge kick out of it.

You had several noteable events this month. First, you completed your first swim course. A real fish like your Aunt Kendahl. Kicking and scooping and blowing bubbles. You played on the kick board and noodle often pretending to be on the lazy river with mommy.

You enjoyed your first St. Patty's Day by attending the White Plains parade with mom & dad. You were all geared up in Irish attire.

You also attended your first funeral for Ms. Maita Blume (Abbi's mom). You met her when you were only 9 days old. She thought you were the sweestest little thing. At her funeral, you were able to bring smiles to our dear friend Abbi while she was struggling with the loss of her mother. The circle of life displayed beautifully.

You are quite the model. Two photo shoots took place this month. One at Janie & Jack and one with our favorite male photographer Roy. You still rock the serious look at times, but you aren't shy with your smile when the camera starts flashing.

You think it is hilarious when I tickle you with my hair. You giggle, giggle, giggle with excitement. You also find your big brother Beaumont to be funny. Whenever he comes near you, you start chuckling. Then you grab his fur or tail and smile a big smile. Poor guy just takes the abuse!

And you know what "give mommy a hug" means as you wrap your little arms around my neck and open mouth kiss my face. Usually it also includes a tight gripping of my hair and scratches on my neck, but I love it just the same.

Cheers to another fun month ahead baby girl!



Wednesday, March 27, 2013

21 Days Later: Week Three

This week I hit the weights hard. Upping my reps and actual weight. Perhaps not the best idea I've ever had.

girl look at that body!

I wanted to challenge myself in the latter half of the 21 Days Later program in terms of my weight training. I have felt stronger over the past two weeks with the intense workouts, and I feel like I have made great progress in my overall health.

Sometimes its the little things that show the difference. I have an easier time carrying Adelaide in her car seat in & out of places. And believe me, it isn't because she is losing weight! I am able to power through cardio workouts using my enhanced leg strength. But mainly, my energy level is way up.

As Spring Break inches closer, I am feeling pretty good about squeezing into my teeny, weeny bikini ;)

AND a few of my fellow readers have already joined the Bryen's Bootcamp train so don't miss out on this fun, fitness adventure!!! Contact Bryen at to get your butt in gear!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Music Mondays: Country Comeback (Part Four)

Darius Rucker rockin' that Wagon Wheel...


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Snapshots on a Saturday: The Sweetest Thing

The past two weeks were spent with my bff (aka Ms. Adelaide) doing all sorts of fun stuff from working on her fitness at Gymboree to attending meetings for the EATF to simply playing at home. Her personality grows as the minutes pass and this mommy is eating it all up.

We also enjoyed a lovely date night out with friends at Ocean House...

And put up springy Easter decor...

To avoid another one of these *hopefully*...

Happy Saturday!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Argo: A Movie Review

A little late to the Argo party but we finally had a chance to watch it. Our plan had been to see it in the theatres with no such luck. So we cuddled up on the couch and rented it through NetFlix last weekend.

Based on a true story, Argo captures the spirit of Americans and the CIA's remarkable quest & dedication to protecting the people of this great country. In 1980, six American diplomat personnel escaped an Iranian raid at the US Embassy in Iran. They fled to the protection of the Canadian Embassy staying in hiding for fear of their lives.

The CIA sets out to make a fake film in hopes to get the "crew" aka the escapees back to the United States unharmed. Tony Mendez (Affleck) leads the operation putting his own life at risk and braving the terrorist waters of Iran.

In a race against time, as the Iranians puzzle piece the shredded pictures of their faces, the Americans struggle to put their fears aside and make it out alive.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

21 Days Later: Week Two

Week two of 21 Days Later was brutal with a capital B. I struggled big time with the nutritional portion as my silly body just wouldn't stop craving these:



Plus Adelaide & I were on the go non-stop this week from workouts to meetings to play groups to running errands which made these options appear much more convenient...

I am, however, proud to admit that I refrained from partaking in any fast food adventures. AND I limited my sweet tooth to only 4 girl scout cookies. So despite the agonizing pain, I was well-behaved.

As for the workouts, I loved switching up my usual routine by adding in an array of options for cardio health. I hadn't been on a stair stepper in a minute and it brought me back to the days of Blairwood as a teen. **On a funny note, I keep entering 29 as my age out of sheer habit. My finger goes immediately to that number 2 first instead of the 3. Oops!**

Weight training has been great thus far. I love feeling the burn after each set and knowing that I am getting stronger. I think it will be my biggest challenge in the coming week as I up the weights to push myself.

Remember, it is not too late to get Spring Break ready or wedding ready or simply healthy. Contact myself or Bryen for more deets!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Music Mondays: Country Comeback (Part Three)

Something so sweet about this new hit from Parmalee...

Friday, March 15, 2013

March Date: St. Patty's Parade & Irish Grub

In honor of St. Patrick, we decided to channel our inner Irish for March's date. The White Plains St. Patty's parade was on Saturday March 9th so we dressed up in our finest green attire and hit the streets. The parade featured lots and lots of entertainment from street cart vendors to girls scout groups and boy sports teams to high school bands and festive floats. Plus the Irish kilted, pipe-playing adult musicians rocking out in unison. Oh and of course the parade watchers dressed to the nines for the occasion.

We worked up quite an appetite and thirst so we walked to Dunne's Irish Pub for live music, green beer, and Irish grub. I dined on the classic fish n' chips while Ryan had the corned beef & cabbage. He opted for a Guinness as I sipped a green bud light. Adelaide enjoyed some green beans to accompany her Irish coffee (aka bottle).

It brought back found memories to when I surprised Ryan with a trip to Dublin for his 30th birthday. Something about that Irish spirit that we both just love. And with a little luck, the CATS were able to pull out a much needed victory over those nasty gators.

Luck & Love to you!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

21 Days Later: Week One

So week one, day 7 is complete on my 21 Days Later custom program. I survived. And I am thirsty for more.

The routine was semi-difficult for me since I hate with a capital H running. The way my appendectomy scar healed causes a lot of scar tissue to sort of flare up while in a jogging motion. I usually always get a severe cramp which generally ends in excruciating pain. So when I saw loads of running post weight training I was less than thrilled. However I was able to move past the torture discomfort daily to successfully complete week one.

As for the weight training, I loved it. Lifting weights is the only time I can gain weight. I know what you are thinking...most people want to be losing weight. But when you have the worlds fastest metabolism and listen to others complaining that you are too skinny, it is always nice to gain muscle. Part of the pregnancy weight I gained was muscle from being so active, but due to motherhood I had lost quite a bit of that mass. I am happy to be on the road to toned and muscular again. Plus carrying Adelaide doesn't seem so daunting now!

Nutrition wise I have been extremely proud of myself. I did sneak one beer for the St. Patty's Day parade and two coffees...remember I have a six month old ;) But other than those two little guilty pleasures, I have stayed on track. Eating 5 to 6 times a day can pose a challenge mainly because I am used to taking care of this little person rather than myself; but I seem to have a good routine down for now.

exhibit A: green beer

The first few days I was exhausted from physical exertion & mentally staying on task which called for a few afternoon naps. But as a whole, I have definitely felt more energized and healthy.

Bring it week two!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Taken 2: A Movie Review

Being sick or lazy or land locked due to snow storms means catching up on movies that I have missed out on over the past 6 months. I do many things with Adelaide outside the house; but attending movies just doesn't seem a fitting activity yet. Enter NetFlix on the whole television and I'm back in business.

Taken 2 is just as bad a$$ as Taken. Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) offers to whisk his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) and ex-wife Lenore (Famke Janssen) to Istanbul for Spring Break. The two surprise him by showing up at his luxurious hotel. While Kim attempts to reunite her parents by studying poolside as they venture on a romantic lunch, the family of the former kidnappers (from Taken) work to avenge their son's death. Kidnapping Bryan & Lenore and sending Kim on the hunt to save her parents.

Will she be able to save her father like he saved her? Or will one of her parents surrender to the torture games? A mind-twisting, gut-wrenching thriller from the moment of action, Taken 2 is every bit worth seeing. Especially if you can snuggle up safely on your couch!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Music Mondays: Country Comeback (Part Two)

Nothing like a hot country trio singing 'bout Downtown...

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Snapshots on a Saturday: A Sporty Week

This past week was filled with lots of tennis and swim. Adelaide had her first swim babies class at Saw Mill plus lots of bath time fun. She certainly does love the water...

We also attended several tennis events. The first was Play for Parkinsons, a cause near & dear to my heart. I played tennis in a round robin format while Ryan mingled & munched on delicious food. We both enjoyed a few adult bevvies (champagne & beer) as we browsed the magnificent auction items. I ended up being the female champion winning a great goodie bag. The event raised $25,000+ that will go directly to Team Fox in hopes of finding a cure for Parkinsons. My friend Barbara & her husband Victor put on an amazing event, and we look forward to participating next year!

The BNP Paribas Showdown came to Madison Square Garden Monday night, and I was so excited when Megan from the New Haven Open informed me that she had extra tickets at our meeting and did we want them. Yes! Adelaide's first tennis event, of course!! We met Ryan in the city and headed over to the Square. They have some great food and beverages that we enjoyed while watching Azarenka & Serena. Our seats were amazing, just behind the baseline. Nothing more fun than a surprise family date :)

And through all the excitement of the week, we found a tuckered out little baby sound asleep in her crib each night...

Hope your week was just as blessed!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

21 Days Later: It's Time to Change Your Life

It is March. March means lots of things like flowers, sunshine, and spring break. Yep those two little words that, as students, we lived for from about first grade until senior year in college. Some of us still hang onto those two little words. Myself included.

My family is hitting the beaches of Naples, FL in a few weeks and well post-baby body condition coupled with my obscene addiction to chocolate and wine hasn't left me as toned as I would like to be. Enter my friend Bryen Pinkard, founder of Bryen's Bootcamp and his 21 Days Later customized program. The program is a combination of healthy nutrition and intense weight training.

Now when I received my custom program I was a little nervous. Not so much about the exercises because collegiate tennis was also a full blown weight training venture, but the nutritional portion terrified me. I generally grab whatever is in the fridge or whatever tickles my fancy while cruising the streets of Westchester County; however 21 Days Later calls for 5 to 6 meals with very specific guidelines and food groups. Plus a strong suggestion of no caffeine or alcohol warning at the top of the list made me weary.

So I made a little trip to the grocery store to load up on my inventory. I spent Tuesday night prepping healthy options for breakfast and dinner. Since we are usually on the go in the middle of the day, I made little snack packs for meals 2 through 4. This way I won't be tempted to stop at good ole' McD's for fuel.

Day one of twenty-one began yesterday, and I am off to a great start. My body feels great (you know that good sore feeling?), and my mind is energized. If I can already feel the burn, I can't wait to see the end result.

Below are my "before" pictures:

I will be blogging about my progress once a week over the next three weeks. Follow along and help encourage me as I embark on this 21 day journey to a healthier, more toned me! And if you are interested in your own custom program, please let me know or contact Bryen at

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Copy Cat Closet: My Style

My style you ask? Well it is sort of hard to pin point. I love skinny jeans and a cute top; or a flirty dress with strappy shoes; or a fun skirt with high heels; or something off the wall like a jean jumpsuit. I am not super trendy as I tend to only wear what I feel comfortable in. Because comfort equals confidence and confidence is sexy right?

So when Ma Nouvelle Mode challenged us to display our style this week, I got creative and decided to make a little board of Witty Whit's Style over the years. Its always fun to peek back into our former years to see what was hip & cool right?

Have a looksie here...

2001 through 2006 was definitely creative ;)
the jean phase

the dress phase

the more sophisticated phase

If you are interested in linking up, be sure to visit Ma Nouvelle Mode and get style inspiration directly to your inbox! I can't wait to see what each new challenge brings for my inner fashionista because this new mommy needs all the style tips she can get!

the Grant life;

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hope Springs: A Movie Review

Ever since I saw the preview for this movie, I had been dying to see it. I love me some Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones. Oh and I love a good romantic comedy. So combine the two and my inner movie critique was ready to rumble. Insert food poisoning recovery on the couch plus the joy of NetFlix and viola: Hope Springs.

A longtime married couple who seems to have lost that spark in their marriage is actively seeking relationship renewal. Well Kay (Streep) is wanting more. Her husband Arnold (Jones) would rather grumpily watch golf on TV each evening. Kay learns of relationship camp in Hope Springs, Maine after reading a book by Dr. Feld (Steve Carell).

Rekindling an old flame on vacation seems ideal for Kay, but Arnold is reluctant to open up or change. The two take individual walks through town trying to evaluate their life and their marriage. Dr. Feld gives them special relationship exercises to practice in an effort to bring back a sexual aspect to their marriage. In a heart aching swindle of events, Kay & Arnold put their relationship on the line to see if it will stand the test of time. Can 35 years of marriage be revived with a little getaway?!

Hope Springs is definitely a fun and flirty flick that tugs at your heart strings while keeping you on the seat of your pants!


Monday, March 4, 2013

Music Mondays: Country Comeback (Part One)

So finally New York got with the program and brought country back. I returned from our girls weekend in Scottsdale to find out that 94.7 was rockin' the country. Woo hoo! I have since heard and fallen in love with some new hits.

First up, the one & only Chris Young with his amazing ability to write upbeat love songs...

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Snapshots on a Saturday

Phew it has been a crazy few weeks. February flew by like a blur with all of the special events from birthdays to weddings to travels. Throw in a little food poisoning, sightseeing in New York City, and grand indulgence in food & beverages, we had ourselves a fabulous month.

Kicked off with a Superbowl party at our neighbors...

Followed by playing in the snow storm...

A stay-cation in the city with Mimi & Aunt Tay...

Valentine's Day lunch at Tommy Bahamas NY style...

An impromptu trip to Naples for some warmth...

Birthday dinner in Kentucky with the family...

And four days of wedding festivities for Marquette & Matty D...

bachelorette evening

honky tonk rehearsal dinner

runaway bride...

Needless to say since our return Sunday evening we have been taking it easy and getting back into a routine. But we have managed to keep our smiles and high spirits as it is above freezing temps here in New York finally!!

6 month shots

loving the bubbles at Gymboree

Happy weekend :)