Thursday, August 30, 2018

Adelaide Jane: 6 Years Old

    Dearest Adelaide Jane,

    SIX WHOLE YEARS! Six year ago, you made me a mom and have kept me on my toes ever since. You will always be the first to have blessed me with the greatest and most challenging job on Earth. They say that the days are long but the years are short, and when I stop to think about you & where it all began, I believe it is true.

    You are a great big helper and big sister. You can do so many things around the house and you are always anticipating what might need to be done. You love caring for Salem in a lot of ways, but you also bring comfort to your brothers. You are quick to help them or scold them ;)

    You love to do so many sports: swimming, tennis, gymnastics, dance and recently golf. You began taking private tennis lessons and continuing with group lessons. You continue to say that you want to be a tennis player when you grow up :) You had a great year on the HCC swim team again. You love that place and I can see a little queen bee in the making. I brought out my old trophies to show you from my swimming days, and I found you cuddling them one evening. This summer, you learned what it was like to be anxious/nervous for a race. Unfortunately, you also learned what disappointment is when you weren't able to do your best. It was hard for me to watch and to be upset for you. But a good lesson for us both to learn together as mom & daughter. 

    You officially have your first crush and it melts/breaks my heart all at the same time. Boone is much older than you, but he is as sweet as can be to you. He also goes to your school and is the reason you prefer the front entrance to carpool now as opposed to the back which is closer to your classroom! You often ask me what Boone is doing or what will he think. And you will tell me that you have a crush on him, miss him, or even love him. I can see the sweetness and innocence in your eyes & voice. The way you get bashful when he is around...its so unlike you!  You are a lover by nature just like me so I get it. I understand what you feel and I foresee a lot of late night mommy/daughter talks about boys.

    You are soaring into Kindergarten and loving your new teacher Mrs. Gohmann. You already know the lay of the land which is helpful and made for an easy transition back into the school year. I, on the other hand, was teary eyed and holding back sobs. You asked why I was crying when I walked you to your classroom. I smiled and said because I was happy for you. Which is the truth on many levels. But I was sad for this chapter to be beginning for me...the first of my first child's day of Kindergarten. Because I know that it means time will only go quicker.

    You are reading so many books these days. I love that you are a bookworm and are confident to sound words out that haven't been on your sight word lists before. You are enjoying new books and being able to beat me to the punch lines of more advanced books.

    You are a gem my sweet girl. You have this spirit that I hope remains with you forever. One that sees life as a great adventure and meets challenges with excitement. I hope that you always believe in yourself, exude confidence, and let kindness guide you in your decisions.

    I love you!




    Wednesday, August 29, 2018

    Back-to-School: 2018-2019

    With a new school year comes a sense of excitement and a renewed routine for us all. While summer is such a wonderful time of sun-kissed babies, loads of ice cream, and late night swims, my kdis & I also enjoy the start of school. For kids this young, school is play. A chance to see their friends and be loved on by teachers. An opportunity to learn and grow and face new challenges. 

    We have a few back-to-school traditions that we began last year. I love that St. Margaret Mary does a blessings of the backpacks the Sunday before school starts. All of the kids bring their new backpacks and Father Bill blesses them & the new school year. My kids look forward to it each August and it is just a reminder to be faith-centered leading into what can be an anxious & stressful time for kids.

    We also have a back-to-school breakfast to nourish our bodies for the school year. This year we had apple donuts, pencil waffles, and apple jack strawberries. The kids loved the special morning treats so much this year!

    They also find an academic/learning tool at their place mats. Something age appropriate yet challenging to help them ease into school. I love the workbooks from Target because they appear fun for the kids. More play; less like work. This year I was able to find a giant alphabet book for Brighton, matching letter cards for Aspen, spelling chart for Adelaide, and letter magnets for Salem.

    We had wonderful experiences at Open House for St. Margaret Mary and Harvey Browne. The kids truly love their schools, teachers, and classmates. We are thankful for amazing role models who love them just as we do! 


    Cheers to a great school year for all!