Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Thompson Fall Bucket List: Sip Apple Cider

We have always bottled up fall with a nice little bucket list to enjoy the cooler weather, all things apple, and even more things pumpkin. Last year with all of the transitions, we didn't have an official list and just sort of got to know my ole' Kentucky home again.

This year, with the anticipation of our baby girl and new bearings on fun places to go, we thought a fall bucket list would be super fun and entertaining for the kids! As October is crazy busy with family outings and baby girl's arrival date are up in the air, we decided to start our fall the last weekend in August. 

The late mornings have been cool and pleasant so we took advantage of sipping on some apple cider (traditionally and non-traditionally), munching on apple cider donuts, and playing on the playground at Mulberry Orchard in Shelbyville. We brought our own apple cider from home because they didn't have any yet. But we were able to score apple cider popsicles which the kids loved! Hence it was definitely a "sip apple cider' kind of morning! After a few turns on the swing, trips down the slide, and digs with the diggers, snack time included the traditional apple cider as well as the apple cider donuts.

Mulberry is such a hidden gem with light traffic as not to feel over-crowded but plenty of other families to play with along the day. If you haven't been, I highly recommend checking it out this fall!

ah apple cider popsicle!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Adelaide Jane: 5 Years Old

Dearest Adelaide Jane,

FIVE years old. It is such a milestone. Half of a decade. It sounds so big and come with so much emotion. At five, there are also so many expectations that the world has of you too I think. I have expectations of you too, but I also have so many exciting things in my mind that this year will bring. So many growth opportunities and chances to shine through as you continue to flourish as an individual.

In most states, five means kindergarten. In Kentucky, you were 29 days shy of the new cut-off date which means JK (junior kindergarten) for you. But with that means a new school for you. St. Margaret Mary has been a blessing so far and Mrs. Wheatley is my kind of teacher. She is so organized and on top of things. She is also encouraging of individuality and as gentle as can be. I can see that she will nourish you and challenge you at the same time. For that, I am so thankful.

At your new school, your days are long. 6:30am wake ups followed by a 7:50am drop off and rounded out with a 3pm pick up time. You have a precious little jumper uniform that seems to swallow you making it all the more adorable. You even have a matching outfit for your American Girl doll, Molly. Mimi bought this doll for you when you were only one year old. Molly is special to me. You see she was my American Girl doll, and she was being "retired" so Mimi thought it fitting for you to also share in the delight of her. I had been saving her all these years for you; for the right moment to introduce you to her. The night before JK seemed like a perfect time. The first day of school you got her dressed in her jumper and set out to enter the new, big world. The smile on your face was priceless.

While I know this next year will bring you lots of growth, you have developed and changed so much in the last six months. You finished up the year at Harvey Browne with a love for school and a new group of friends. I could not have asked for a better experience for you there. From your teachers to your classmates to everyone in between, the Lord made this one of the best/easiest transitions from NY to KY.

You danced in your second dance recital and it was sweetness. Your cousins Collins & Cooper came to watch and the smile on your face was of pure joy and sheer excitement. You were beaming with pride at your performance. So many memories of my own childhood flooded my mind and brought tears to my eyes watching you.

This summer you took on the swim team at Hurstbourne Country Club. Originally I thought you would just do a few practices and become more comfortable in the water. Phew was I wrong?! You attended practice 5 times a week for the entire season. You competed in the 4 dual meets as well as the City Championships. You were in the 6&U division as a 4 year old and you did awesome! You won a few relays which was so fun but even more special because you got to swim with Collins. You placed 17th overall in City Meet with a personal best time. You cut almost 30 seconds off your time from the start of the season until the end. You were the fastest 4 year old and the 3rd fastest from the 4 & 5 year olds. But most importantly, you worked hard and proved that dedication can produce results. You also had a BLAST! I cannot express how proud I was/am of you for this!

The summer also brought a lot of tennis which made mommy happy! You played twice a week at the country club and really took to Coach Ellie. Ironically, she will be one of my players at SHA this year so you will get to see her play. She helped you rediscover your love of the game and I just love that!

You have made yourself very comfortable at the country club. You truly enjoy the time spent there: swimming, going off the diving board, playing with friends, eating ice cream & push pops, night time fun, etc. I am so glad that we joined so you can have those summer memories like I did.

We took a trip to Myrtle Beach with your bff Caileigh and her family. It was as if time had never passed between you two. I hope it always stays that way. You too loved your nightly sleepovers, mermaid camp, going down the water slide, eating ice cream for dinner, and just having girl talk. 

The summer also brought lots of time with your Mimi & Papa, cousins, and aunts & uncles. BBQs at their house, late night swimming, going to the movies, and lots of outside playtime. You also got to visit the zoo a few times, the Newport Aquarium, and the Indianapolis Children's Museum which were a huge hit. 

You stopped using training wheels on your bike. It took you the first try to get it right. I was a hot mess of tears video taping you. It was another milestone to reiterate just how big you are now. 

One night, I snuck you out of bed and took you to the drive-in movie. When you woke up, we were pulling in and you felt so big to get to stay up super late with mommy. We saw Despicable Me 3, munched on popcorn, and watched the stars. I will never forget that night. 

There are so many memories that we have made lately which really pull at my heart strings. Watching you grow up has been especially fun these past six months. You are finding your way in the world and I love your spirit for life and for others. Please do not lose sight of that. Please do not let anyone ever take that away from you or change it. Be who you are. Fiercely. You are truly special and I am so lucky to be your mom and have a front row view to your life's journey.

I love you!