Monday, August 31, 2009

Why do people race to red lights?

So for nearly a decade this question has been taunting my mind.

Are people in such a hurry that they think by speeding up to the red light it will miraculously turn green? Are they bored with the daunting task of driving for endless hours a day and thus have turned it into a game?

I find it partly amusing and partly annoying when someone whips around me as I slow to the red light. I generally give out a small laugh of amusement followed by the urge to very sharply raise my middle finger.

Then there is the whole awkwardness of your car and theirs being right next to each other for what seems like several intense mintues of stand-still. Do you look over or keep your eye on the prize (that magnificent glowing green light to come)?

I often ask myself if I am so consumed with the concept and do these people even consciously know what they are doing. I assume that they must know that their erractic driving irritates those around them, but maybe they are naive in relation to this situation.

Anyhow, maybe I can spend the next decade finding the thrill in racing up to those red lights...if nothing more than the pure experience of living on the other side.

A Little Bit of Exercise...

As I have been writing my book or personal memoir (as I like to refer to it), I have also been buffing up on my reading skills. I scooped a small book by David Morrell titled The Successful Novelist from my boss. In an attempt to follow this novelist's helpful hints, I have decided to 'practice writing'. He says that a writer must practice writing every day in order to fine tune and remain up to par with their skills.

Inspired by the notorious random questions and thoughts that circulate in my brain daily as well as my recent viewing of Julie & Julia, I feel like the most entertaining way to practice writing is to blog about non-sense daily.

In the spirit of full disclosure (as a dear friend of mine likes to say), I highly doubt anyone will be reading this shenanigans; however, I feel that the experience will prove to be rather valuable in relation to my larger endeavor. Plus, I have heard that writers don't do it for the money or the fame...they simply have stories in their hearts and minds that have to be told.

And I have a lot of stories (or thoughts rather) that I am just dying to share...