Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Fascinator

Well, after a day of researching via and being slightly jealous of the Royal Wedding hat fashion & Derby hat attire, I broke down and purchased my very own fascinator.

This fancy girl should arrive in the next few days...

Courtesy of LilaJo on

I'll be pairing this gem with my 1950's Mad Men-esque dress for Liz & Winston's wedding!

The dress is similar to this pic but knee length and has a touch of black lace on the one-shoulder

Friday, April 29, 2011

Registry Heaven

As mentioned yesterday, my bridal shower is rapidly approaching which means that my excitement is heightening! I <3 checking out people's registries. I am not sure exactly why, but I do. Call me a freak. Fine. But don't pretend like you don't peak every now & again.

I just feel like a) it gives you a neat insight into what people are using to make their house a home, and b) it gives you ideas of things that you might need but haven't quite thought of yet.

My usual checks, aside from ours, include Amanda & Shane's, Liz & Winston's, Jordan & Clark's, Rebecca & Mike's, as well as other couples I know are getting married soon (uh hm Chantelle, tell Ruben to let you loose with the scanner already ;) ) Anyhow, I must confess that I get a little tingle of excitement each time I see fulfilled next to an item. And I did squeal when I realized that someone bought us me my luggage. Who are we kidding Ryan is not interested in Diane von Furstenberg's luggage! I believe that I told you I was elated when I saw that someone mom bought us 2 china place settings awhile you can imagine my excitement when 1) I realized that these had been so generously purchased, and 2) they arrived yesterday just in time to take them home for the shower ;)

4 piece set by Diane von Furstenberg

The 2 suitcases

very spacious carry on that rolls!

weekender bag on wheels

Not a clue who sent them because the card was M.I.A., but I am in <3 with them!

**FYI, this luggage has a 10 year warranty!! With all the traveling we have going on, this makes me even happier! It can be purchased on Macy's website or in-store.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Royal Affair

Admittedly, I have not so much followed the Royal Wedding until the past few days. And only recently have I become intrigued because I have been watching the Today Show while working out in the AM.

It is no secret that I <3 all things European. My travels have led me to great discoveries of life, love, and laughter as well as a tremendous amount of growth (it is amazing what you learn about yourself when you are thrown into the small town of Telfs in mid-June with sweltering heat, no A/C, no elevator, and a plethora of flies swarming on top of your food). Much time has not been spent in London or the UK for that matter. I have seen the Heathrow airport a time or two, but that about sums my exploration of that country. Hence my extreme excitement at the thought of getting tickets to the 2012 London Games...

So living vicariously through the royalty and all traditions British, I have developed a new obsession: the fascinator. Yes after the luncheon at Avalon with mom, the ever-so-prominate sightings in church, and now the Royal Wedding, I want one. NOW. Any of these will do ;)

Courtesy of hatsbycressida on etsy

Courtesy of hatsbycressida on etsy

Courtesy of LoveCharlie on etsy

Courtesy of LilaJo on etsy

The Underhill Clan

So 2 weeks from today, I will be flying home for my 3rd visit to Kentucky this year ;) That is my general amount of trips home per year so I am way ahead of the game in 2011. Of course, the last 2 trips were not exactly planned (i.e. Mama Collins passing away & the greatest Easter surprise ever), but this one has been planned for about 5 months. Colleen & Co, aka the Underhill girls, are hosting a bridal shower for me.

The Underhills are an extension of my family, technically not blood related, but they have always been our aunt, uncle, and cousins. We have spanned the country with the 6 of them. Have you ever seen 2 sets of parents toting around 8 kids from the ages of newborn to 9? Well that is what we looked like growing up. Townsend is the oldest at 30 and Taylor is the youngest at 21.

This year LOTS of exciting things are happening in both families. At the end of 2010, T & his wife Jamie welcomed twin babies into the world. Colin & Natalie had their first girl adding to their family of 4, making it 5! Jordan is getting married in August, and Channing has a tres serious bf. Kendahl & Peter just added a kid (as P says) to make it kids. Shane & Amanda are getting hitched in July. Taylor will have her first big girl internship over the summer; oh and she turned 21 earlier this month. As for Ryan & I, well I am pretty sure you all know what is happening with us this year ;)

Through all of the excitement of bridal showers (Amanda had one & I'm having one), couples showers (Colleen, Todd, and the Clements threw one for S&A while my parents threw one for J&Clark), baby arrivals, weddings, etc., we have/will be making many more memories with the Underhill Clan.

Over Christmas break, we all gathered for lunch and told story after story, roast after roast about our journey as family friends. I'm looking forward to much more of that in the coming months...

Grill & Garden Theme

Kitchen Theme

Personal Shower Theme

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

199 Days on the Calendar...

...until we are married!!

So just under 200 days seems like an eternity away still, but when I consider how far away 300+ days was, it isn't so bad. Sometimes the thought of eloping seems far more appeasing based on the sheer factor of time. Then I kick myself to remind me of the importance of the process and the growth we are accomplishing by taking our time. Plus a wedding is important to us. While a wedding is not the most important part (the marriage is of course), it is significant in its meaning. If you cut past all of the vendors, coordination, color schemes, frills, and lace, the purpose of a wedding is to have family & friends witness and attest to your love and commitment for one another. Then, when the going gets tough, those same people are to encourage and support you throughout your marriage. Hence our desire to have a wedding and celebrate this joyous occasion with family & friends!

Here's to the next 6 1/2 months flying by and enjoying the ride ;)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Home. Sweet. Home.

Best. Fiance. Ever.

Best. Easter. Ever.

Best. Weekend. Ever.

Notice a pattern here??

Thursday morning, baby Collins was born. Thursday afternoon, Ryan surprised me with a trip home for Easter weekend to meet my little niece. Friday morning I was on a flight from SFO to Vegas to Louisville. I called mom to ask for a ride. She was, of course, in shock. Dad picked me up at midnight because Mom was watching Bishop. Despite flying through a few tornadoes and dealing with very loud lightning and thunder, I caught a few hours of shut eye before getting up Saturday morning.

Mom, Bishop, and I headed up to Norton Hospital around 10:30am. Kendahl had to do a double take to see who was holding Bishop, and then she started crying. It was so sweet to see her tear up and be so excited about the surprise! (We've come a long way from our bickering days as teenagers ;) )

After holding Collins for the entire hospital visit, Mom & I headed to Avalon for a charity luncheon and fashion show. It was great to spend some mother/daughter time enjoying fashion & food! We loved seeing all of the new clothes from Blink Boutique & Serendipity as well as the fabulous Derby hats.

The rest of the day was spent at Kendahl & Peter's where I got to hold Collins, play with Bishop, visit with the Thompsons, hold Collins some more, talk with the family, play with Bishop some more, and did I mention hold Collins?!

Sunday, we attended Easter service at Hurstbourne Christian Church with our family and the Coates family. Amanda and her parents prepared a lovely Easter lunch at Amanda & Shane's house. It was great to see them already getting use out of their wedding gifts! The food was delicious and the company was all laughs. Tay staged an Easter egg hunt for Bishop & AJ. It was so cute to watch the two boys run after the eggs in amazement. Ahh to be a kid again ;)

I headed home last night to my love after a great trip home. He was all smiles to see me and it was good to be home...especially on our 2 year anniversary of the day Ryan started "chasing" me. Who would have thought two years ago we would be living in San Fran, engaged, with a niece just born and another niece/nephew on the way?!

Happy Monday everyone!

holding Collins for the first time!

so alert and curious!

big brother Bishop just taking it all in

refusing to put her down!

Collins' lounging


Bishop with his Easter hat from San Fran

Easter Sunday with baby Collins

Collins Isabella DeZarn

Sammy feeding Collins

Sibling <3

My baby Beau & I before Easter service

Friday, April 22, 2011

Allow Me To Introduce...

7lbs 12oz and 20 inches

and just as sweet as can be :)

...Collins Isabella DeZarn!!

 Hello, everyone! I am Bishop, and I am officially a big brother now :)

Yep, I am a BIG BROTHER!

Which means that it is my job to protect my little sister...

Sort of how Spiderman protects...

And teach her how to swim...
Wanna learn to swim Collins?

Mom bought you this last week!


And watch movies with her...

I love the movie CARS...
And treat her to a night out on the town... 

I <3 being a big brother already! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Follow Me!

At the start of the year, I read The Dream Manager. A fabulous read especially at the start of the year to get me motivated for the year ahead as well as life in general. The premise of the book is simple: dream. Write your dreams down. Divide them into short, medium, and long term. Prepare to accomplish. Accomplish. Move on to the next dream.

The author categorizes dreams into 12 areas (in no particular order): physical, emotional/relationship, intellectual, spiritual, psychological, material, professional, financial, creative, adventurous, legacy, and character. 

I have a multitude of dreams in each category that I have shared below. However, to accomplish one dream, I need your help. I have been working hard to create content on this blog that I hope is able to inspire, intrigue, provoke, and touch anyone who reads it. My dream is to create a niche and a following whether it be all things that women can relate to or a mixture of my personal adventures through life and the curveballs encountered along the way. So please, if you read, join me as a follower. The importance of making a difference in the lives of others and reaching a need that my readers have is what drives me to write daily.

Physical: join a tennis league, complete one major hike per year, play Torrey Pines Golf course, get a massage & facial regularly, get a chemical peel
Emotional/Relationship: plan an inspiring wedding, marry the man of my dreams, develop a life-giving plan, play a tennis tournament with my dad yearly, take yearly girls' trip with my mom & sisters, MIL & SIL, and my 5 best friends
Intellectual: read 12 books per year, become fluent in French
Spiritual: pray each morning, join a women's bible study, lead a couples' retreat, volunteer monthly
Psychological: release my fears and insecurities, give less weight to the negative thoughts in my mind
Material: decorate our condo, buy a home in the South Bay/Marin County, drive a Lambo, own a chateua in Geneva
Professional: sell $100k in group tickets for the BOWC, start an event planning business, begin a pareer with Ryan
Financial: pay off my credit card, start saving for a family, save for college funds, pay back the Thompsons for an unsettled debt
Creative: take a cooking class, begin scrapbooking, develop a blog niche/following, publish a book
Adventurous: go on an Alaskan cruise, visit all 50 states, travel to all 7continents, attend the 4 Grand Slams of tennis, go to the Olympics with our family, trips to Greece & New Zealand
Legacy: donate substantially to Parkinsons Disease, high level of involvement in ADPi
Character: leave this world thought of as loving and thoughtful

What's your dream?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baby Mania

**Warning: read with caution as you may find yourself with child after reading this post

I feel as if I am a walking preggo magnet. Everywhere I turn, every time I hear is BABY! Thursday at my bible study I was praying for all of my family and friends who are newly preggo, about to pop, or have popped; I then followed up with  "ladies if you do not want to have a child, I highly suggest not sitting by me!"

Elizabeth informed me on her visit to CA that she knows 13 women who are having babies! I thought to myself ah yes this is what adulthood looks like. Goodbye wedding season, hello baby season! Thus far, I am closing in on E's count...

1. Babies born- The Bachman's had twin baby girls last week. They are so tiny and precious.

2. Babies about to grace us- my niece Collins should be here any day now! I literally cannot wait yet it still seems so surreal for Kendahl to be having another baby (must be the big sis in me talking!).

Warren Webb, our first ADPi legacy is set to arrive shortly as well. So fitting that Rachie Watts Webb have the first baby girl of our pledge class :)

3. Babies just starting to growing personalities- this list is a long one my friends...we will have a new niece baby to call our niece/nephew although all signs point to it being a baby girl according to SIL. In case you don't know who SIL is, she is my soon-to-be sister in law! Literally, the best surprise I have had in a long time was finding out she was expecting. I always knew that our children would be close in age to my siblings' children, but I felt sad that Shane (little nephew, not brother ;) ) and Kinlee (niece) might be too old to want to play with our children. Well, baby Corrigan will definitely be close in age (um if our plan to have our own babies goes accordingly ;) ).

Our very dear friends are expecting. They aren't far along, and I am not ready to share the news of who just yet as they haven't told many people, but we are just thrilled to death to hear of this. I can barely believe it!! God works miracles as this couple can attest.

TP from work and her hubby JP are expecting their first which I found out a few weeks ago. I am so excited to have a little pregnant lady in the office. I plan to learn A LOT from her. TP has been calling the baby little dictator. I couldn't stop laughing when I first heard her say much truth to it too.

ADPi babies: Laura Schneider is expecting her first baby (a girl!). She has the littlest baby bump and is too stinking cute. Her baby will have duel-citizenship as her fiance is Swedish. Ah my dream come true ;)

Katie Allen Bloomer, a college friend, is expecting her first child (a boy). She revealed her secret via blue cake...very adorable idea!

So if you want to get preggo, come hang with me! I seem to be attracting that sort of stuff around here ;)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ironies in the Kingdom

Ironically, as we enter the final week of Lent, our bible study reflections have been focused on the betrayal and crucifixtion of Jesus. All of it expressing an undertone of irony in multiple contexts.

1. Jesus is brought before Pilate, the ruler of the world's kingdom, to have His fate decided so to speak. Pilate says to Jesus, "so you are a king?" Jesus replies, "my kingdom is not of this world." So here we are and the 'king of the world' is deciding the fate of the king of a way.

2. Pilate back peddles in confusion over what to do with Jesus, knowing that He has not committed any crimes and should not be punished by Roman law. Those who have brought Jesus to Pilate are Jews who, by their law, are not permitted to kill anyone. So the Jews hand Jesus over to Pilate to let him do the dirty work. In return, Pilate hands Jesus' fate back to the Jews. Both are responsible for His death.

3. The Apostles come to Jesus' defense when He is captured in the Garden of Gethsemane; Peter cutting off a soldier's ear. However, when asked later if they know Jesus, they deny Him. Again, Peter ironically denies Jesus 3 times after coming to His aide previously. Even more ironic, Jesus called that this would happen while Peter was like a deer in the headlights.

Admittedly, I have not been the best example of a Christian or Catholic this Lenten season (or ever for that matter). We missed the past 3 weeks of Church, and while I have many excuses for why we did not attend, none of them are excusable. And you all know how my giving up sweets for Lent went...yep it didn't quite go. Ironically though, I have never been more aware of Lent, Easter, the sacrifice that Jesus made for me us, and the importance of it all.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Live footage from the sail...

Sail Away WIth Me Honey

While we have slightly abandoned the idea of creating a full blown bucklet list for San Fran just yet, I have not forgotten about our unchecked list from 2010. In all fairness to Ryan, myself, and our efforts, we didn't have so much going on last year that prohibited us from diving head first into the challenge for seeing LA, SoCal, and nature-related excursions. 2011 is the year of babies, showers, rehearsals, and weddings. Come May, our road schedule heats up substantially as if we are some type of rock band or gypsie clan.

But every now and again, I take a peek at the ole 2010 bucket list to see what we can't explore or indulge in for a little date day/night. Sailing lessons has been on the top of the list since we jotted things down in January of last year. We looked into the option of trying them there (LA), way too expensive. Then we found an affordable option here (SF) back in September while looking for places to live, way too pressed for time. That brings us to now. So I decided to grab another couple, Rebecca & Mike, and make it a little surprise date day for Ryan.

We had a smashing day on the water yesterday. The sun came out to play and the wind was wild enough to get us sailing but mild enough to keep us cozy. We shared white wine, cheese, and crackers. Captain John Yelda became a newfound friend allowing us to yacht club hop from St. Francis Yacht Club to Golden Gate Yacht Club post sail. Each club came complete with a tour, a souvenir, and a taste of hospitality via bourbon/wine/snacks. We were fortunate enough to also meet a former Olympian, 87 year old Doug, who still sails daily. We loved visiting with him and hearing his stories. Quite the adventurous Sunday!

Rebecca, Mike, & I

The 3 planners about to board Temptation

The Fab 4 getting ready to set sail

Captain Ryan

love birds

enjoy a glass of vino and a tan :)

Rebecca & Mike

Alcatraz peeking out

Tiburon- I'll take the yellow house on the left please

Angel Island Park

Friday, April 15, 2011

Officially A San Franciscan

They say once you emerge yourself in the culture of a city and the traditions of the town that you are a full-blown resident of the area. Well, we have reached that point! Wednesday night we attended our first SF Giants game (against the LA Dodgers nonetheless) at AT&T Park.

A perk of working in sports: great pay fabulous seats at sporting events. IMG has season tickets to the Giants, mainly for entertaining clients on deals for biz dev or consulting. However, each employee so graciously gets 4 tickets to a game of their choosing. Who we would ask to be our dates was a no-brainer. Insert Kim & Jerrad, two very avid Giants fans :) A perk of living in SF: getting to see them a lot!

walking to the game from our house

Jerrad is just thrilled to be here

first Giants game :) p.s. please don't mind my fingers looking like a spider here

There She Is...

Club Level Seats, Covered, Row next to the door for food & beers. Boom!

just sparkles at nighttime

hello friends :)

yeah! home team beat our old home team!