Monday, October 25, 2010

Low Key in Joshua Tree

Our hiking adventures have taken a real backseat since we reached the pinnacle of the lower 48, Mount Whitney. Our bodies certainly needed a rest after 8 months of training, and our plates became rather full with bachelorette parties, weddings, and football games.

But in true sneaky fashion and in alignment with our 'list of stuff to do', Ryan made a little surprise trip to Joshua Tree for some sun and outdoor fun. This hike was nothing strenuous, a 3 mile loop with a baby climb upwards, but the views were breathtaking as always. We hadn't really hiked in the desert before so this was a new kind of scenery.

The hour and a half drive through the National Park wasn't so bad either. A lot of burnt green colored shrubbery and plenty of blooming (not sure if that is the proper term for this type of greenery) Joshua Trees. Vast land in brownish tents and lots of rocks that seemed strategically placed on top of one another. And I can't forget to mention the mountains, big and tall standing behind the rocks.

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