Sunday, September 30, 2012

Adelaide Jane: 1 Month

Dearest Adelaide,

I can hardly believe you are one month old today. Ten months of pregnancy seemed to creep by, but now that you have arrived, it appears the days are flying by. You have already grown so much, not just in size but in personality too. Your dad & I are just amazed by you. Every part of you. From your little facial expressions to your stinky diapers to your coos and cries. We spend a lot of time holding you, kissing you, and starring at you.

You make the sweetest little face as you are falling asleep. You bat your precious eyes and smile a coy smile before dozing off. Then you snore like your Papa until you've peacefully gone to dreamland. When you wake up, you stretch, stretch, stretch which is beyond adorable. It *might* be our favorite thing to watch you do at the present.

I love your big blue eyes. I look forward to awake time to watch you gaze around at your surroundings. Pretty sure that you are going to be just as curious as your mommy ;) You move your arms and legs like a swimmer and you are strong, strong, strong. You grab for your bottle and paci all the time.

You are up to eating 3 1/2 ounces per feeding and you can't get enough. Not a fan of burping as that means no food for a moment. You are growing like a weed. For exercise (because we both need it), we enjoy daily walks around the neighborhood with big brother Beaumont. He likes to pull the stroller along actually. You love bath time a lot and its become part of our nightly routine. We get you fresh & clean then put your jammies on before dinner time. Daddy swaddles you before bedtime each night which you thoroughly enjoy. You are a good little sleeper and have been since week one. Your bedtime is between 10pm & 10:30pm and you sleep until 5:30am. I double love you for this. You sleep in your bassinet (which you are almost too tall for!) next to mommy & daddy's bed.

You had your first photo shoot at 8 days old and were a natural. You definitely have a career as a model or tennis player for sure. Your Papa is hoping that you'll be a lefty tennis star, but we're pretty sure you are a righty.

You've had so many firsts already in your short life including your first trip to Kentucky. Before the end of the year, you will have been on several trips which will make you a veteran traveler before 6 months of age. Load up those sky miles baby!

We can't wait to see what the next month brings! We love you so much Ms. Adelaide Jane!!

Mommy (and Daddy)

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