Sunday, February 17, 2013

Memory 17: The Big Apple

Memory 17: Moving to New York, buying a home, and nesting

The last year of my twenties has been one of great change. We got married in November, took an amazing two week honeymoon to Sydney & Fiji, came to NY to house hunt for a week, packed up our home in San Fran, enjoyed Christmas with family in KY and Naples, found out I was pregnant, moved to New York staying in a hotel for the first month until closing on our house, closed on our house, published a book, and set to nesting before Adelaide's arrival.

That is a lot. A lot of change. All at one time. For one person. For one couple.

It has been a booming way to spend my 29th year. Really it has. I can't think of a better way to have spent it honestly. My heart is incredibly full with much joy and love. But mostly with peace. I have developed an inner peace. A more laid back approach to life (despite what my mom and husband might say). Mature in the ways I want to be and a kid in others. More self-confident, more assured of who I am.

I have grown so much in my 29th year and I cannot wait to keep the momentum going into my thirties.

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