Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Joy of Nieces & Nephews

While home for our Memorial Day weekend trip, we got to spend lots of time with our nieces and nephews. We had loads of special events which means we got to be a part of great things.

Friday & Saturday I got tons of one-on-one time with Bishop & Collins. It is so fun for me now that Bishop can talk and really communicate. Plus he has warmed up to "Aunt Whit" and gives me the biggest hugs & kisses upon my arrival. We raced in the pool, took naps, ate cupcakes, and played with toys.

Sidenote, Saturday night when I was walking down our hallway at my parents', Armani (their giant Schnauzer) and Beau were running down the slick hardwood floor as I was walking towards the living room. I tried to get out of the way, but the 120 pound dog was too quick for me. He ran right into my back and I went flying landing on my tailbone in the middle of the floor. I skinned my elbow and jerked my neck & back pretty badly. Of course I started crying because I was afraid Baby T might be hurt. My  mom came running out of her bedroom while Peter & dad helped me up. My sweet nephew Bishop was so scared that he ran into the guest bathroom. He just kept saying "doggie hurt Whit." It was the cutest thing as he refused to leave my side for the next hour. And Baby T is fine. He/she was moving a few minutes later like normal.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Its A Jungle Out There: Showering Baby T

Sunday my mom, sisters, and sister-in-law spoiled me rotten by throwing us a jungle themed baby shower. It was scorching outside so they opted to have the gathering inside. Such a smart move as everyone gathered around for food, fun, and family.

Included with the invitation was a small card for new mother advice. After grabbing sandwiches, fruits, and veggies, we went around the room to hear all of the thoughts on motherhood. I loved hearing what everyone had to say from the oldest generations to the newest mommies. It provided a few good laughs as well as looks of horror!

During desserts of cake pops, cookies, and cakes, Baby T was showered with all sorts of gifts for him/her. From homemade blankets to bouncy seats to hooded bath towels to baby's first chair, one by one our family and friends helped add something special to our child's life.

Like all things, the day went by too fast but I truly enjoyed being around such amazing people who have built a wonderful support system for Ryan, Baby T, and I. Words cannot express the gratitude that we feel as a family.

And now, for the pictures...

the growth of our baby

nail polish favors...adorable 

adorable wreath Amanda made for us

Ryan & I's baby pics

another one of Amanda's great crafts

cake pops by Channing

special blue & pink cocktails

piggy bank from Aunt Tay Tay

baby bath heavenly

colt or filly?

Bishop crashing the party

the best hostesses