Friday, September 29, 2017

The Ending of An Era: Pregnancy

Four weeks. Four weeks left. In this era of my life.

I was 28 years old the first time I became pregnant. I am 34 years old now for the last time that I will be pregnant. And I have been pregnant at every.single.age. in between.

As I sit and write this, I have so many emotions wavering around in my heart and in my head. I am closing out a chapter of my life (the pregnancy days) that I have enjoyed immensely. I truly do love being pregnant. From the first positive test to the very last moment that baby kicks inside my belly. I love it all. I have been fortunate to carry on with my normal life mostly while pregnant. I don't know what morning sickness is like and my biggest symptom is nose bleeds. Of course I have been tired throughout each pregnancy but who isn't tired at this stage of life?!

I have been blessed with a {mostly} easy road when it comes to getting pregnant and having babies. Despite suffering a miscarriage and postpartum depression, I wouldn't have wished that pregnancy away. Every moment of the blessing of being pregnant from God has enriched my life in ways that I never dreamed possible.

So I will relish and savor and bottle up these last few weeks. Cherishing the kicks and the flutters. Remembering the moments of keeping sweet baby girl safe inside my tummy. I will hold tight to the beauty of life and the gift that God blessed me with as a woman: the ability to bare children.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Thompson Fall Bucket List: Go On A Hayride

We headed back to Gallrein Farms for a little hayride the evening of Brighton's birthday. The kids made an outfit change to match the {not-so} fall weather and we drove out to Shelbyville. We went straight for the hayride out to the pumpkin patch. It was a rocky road and the kids loved the bumps & sightseeing. I, on the other hand, was cautious with my own bump "bumping" along!

We opted for "picking" smaller pumpkins from the market store so the kids only browsed and inspected the pumpkins in the patch. They loved the big white pumpkins and the large green gourds. And their favorite was the smashed pumpkin with the seeds oozing out!

It was the perfect way to cap off a wonderful family day!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Brighton's Big Boy Room

I always know its baby time when my {not so little baby} get his/her own big kid room. In this case, Brighton turned 2 and got a big boy room in the same week! I have always felt it is easier to get things done when the new baby is still residing in my tummy rather than the outside world! Plus it gives the "big" kid a chance and time to get acquainted with his new room.

Going with the sports theme and making it so he can have sleepovers with his brother or friends, I opted for another PBK spread. He absolutely loves it and can be found laying on his bed saying "night-night!" Not yet buddy!

The small details are perfection with some great artwork that mirrors the other kids' rooms found at PBK and Hobby Lobby. Apparently retro sports is in these days! And with his new birthday toys, he has already filled up his new toy chest!

I think he is going to love being a big boy and having his own "big boy" space :)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Brighton Airlines: Flying Into Two

Little Brighton has been obsessing over planes for a year now. He can spot them a mile away and long before anyone else sees/hears them coming. So when I thought about planning his 2nd birthday, planes were on my mind! Not sure I could pull off the best "plane" themed party at home, I decided to take him to where the action is...Bowman Field/Louisville Aviation! What better way to celebrate 2 than by watching your favorite things (planes) take off!

Lucky for us, the Girls in Aviation Day was taking place so there were lots of planes to climb into and lots of planes taking off! The kids played "pin the propeller" while watching airplanes soar away. They enjoyed checking out the police helicopter and all of the other fun planes around the aviation center.

Thanks to all for flying by and saying hi for Brighton's 2nd Birthday! He had an absolute blast!