Thursday, April 26, 2018

Salem Lucille: 6 Months

    Dearest Salem Lucille,

    How are you already 6 months old? One half of a year! The time has flown by sweet girl and you truly are an amazing blessing in our lives!

    You had quite a month with celebrating your first Easter and going on your first Spring Break! You enjoyed the Easter Bunny treats followed by a wonderful trip to Colorado. You were a pure delight on both flights and adjusted to the time change seamlessly. You enjoyed the CO sunshine as well as the extra snuggles from mommy & daddy.

    You have been teething hard and it has created quite a bit of congestion. It seems that every time you get past it, then here comes another bout with the teething demons! You also suffered another respiratory virus and a double ear infection. I must say that you take being sick in stride and still manage to smile through it all!

    You graduated to sitting up in the bathtub rather than laying back. You are loving this newfound position as you grab your toes and bath toys. You continue to try new foods including peaches, peas, and carrots. You are definitely a fruit lover!

    You are such a ham and I love to peak inside your car seat to see you give me that sweet grin! You are still continuing to babble away as you fit right in with this crazy family.

    I love you!



    Tuesday, April 24, 2018

    NOLA 2018: #DestinationDeFeo

    Sometimes you just need those girlfriend trips because they are so good for the soul! Thanks Marquette & A-Lo for getting hitched!  We truly had the best weekend celebrating you and our friendship...NOLA style!

    Wednesday, April 11, 2018

    Keystone, CO: Spring Break 2018

    This year, we traded in our swimsuits for snow boots during Spring Break! We headed west to Keystone, Colorado for some mountain fun. I admit that it was not my first choice for springtime...given that we have had such a cold & snowy March here in Kentucky, I was itching for the warmth and sunshine. But, CO did not disappointment as they were serving up sunshine, unusually warm season temps for them, and all the family activities that you can imagine.

    When we arrived, we had a late afternoon sleigh ride through the mountains to a hidden cabin. There we were greeted with vegetable stew, buttermilk biscuits, and hot cocoa. We enjoyed a home-cooked meal and warm apple pie while being serenaded via guitar.
    It was such a great way to kick-off our trip and we all truly enjoyed ourselves!


    The second day we hit the slopes! The weather was gorgeous and just the perfect temps for spring skiing! Adelaide and Aspen had a blast at ski school while Brighton & Salem played with friends at the Children's Center. Ryan & I snowboarded the mountains for a few hours. 

    Breathtaking views from above and all the way down...

    Day three was our coldest day, so we bundled up and tried out some of the wintery activities including ice skating, sliding down the snow fort, riding the Gondola, and snow tubing! We also got to meet one of the Avy Dogs who helps rescue people that might get trapped in the snow.


    Our last day was spent soaking in the atmosphere one last day atop the mountain and inside the village. We spent lots of time cuddling, laughing, and just simply hanging out!

    If you are ever looking for the perfect family spot, Keystone is your place! It truly has enough for all ages; babies up to adults. It is a breeze to get to and has everything you can need or imagine!