Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Turning 30

I must say it didn't really feel any different. I still look like I am about 12 without makeup on and I'm still eating whatever I feel like which is definitely promising if you ask me.

The day did, however, go quite flawlessly. I awoke to the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls baking in the oven (my fave). Then Ryan slipped out while Adelaide and I played by the pool at my parents' house in Naples. I blogged, talked to my fam, and wore a tank top thanks to the warm Florida sun. Ryan came back with a colorful bouquet, birthday balloons, and a Starbucks. We enjoyed a 4 mile family walk around the neighborhood followed by a champagne toast poolside. Dinner reservations were early since we had 6am flights. Season's 52 was fabulous. We each enjoyed a steak & seafood dinner with complimentary champagne and Napa wine. Topped off with mini desserts and a smiling baby girl who let mommy & daddy eat in peace while she played in her high chair. A stroll around 3rd Avenue shops in downtown Naples made the crisp, cool evening sweet. Finishing the big 3-0 with snuggles on the couch and a superb birthday card/present...we are going to Rome & Tuscany in May! Woo hoo!

To those of you still holding on to 29, thirty ain't so bad after all ;) I just know this is going to be the best decade yet...stay tuned as I document share it here with you!!

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  1. Sounds super fab! Italy so jelly! I am obsessed. What part of Tuscany will you be in? Absolutely gorgeous! Are you taking lil' A?