Thursday, May 31, 2018

FORE: Aspen is 4!

We spent a wonderful morning with family to celebrate Aspen's 4th birthday. He has been taking golf lessons for about a year now. He loves it and plays with such passion & ease. So we thought a bit of fun golf games with cousins followed by a brunch at HCC would be perfect. To boast, Mimi & Papa treated him to his very own golf cart! He truly loved the celebration!

On his actual birthday, he had a trip to the zoo and a special funfetti bundt cake courtesy of Nothin Bundt Cake and some presents from mom & dad. And one of his 4th bday highlights was his celebration at school with dinosaur cookies and the famous HB birthday cake & crown!

There is much to celebrate when it comes to Aspen Michael...FORE or FOUR?! 

new animals

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Schools Out: Last Day Pics 2018

Its summer, summer, summertime! 
So thankful for another wonderful year with amazing teachers at two great schools! 
We are so blessed with communities who love our kids like their own!


Saturday, May 26, 2018

Salem Lucille: 7 Months

Dearest Salem Lucille,

My oh my, how does time fly?! You are one big bundle of joy and every day gets more fun with you! This month you experienced your first Kentucky Derby. You had your own little fascinator made for you by Fascinate Designs. It was as sweet as can be and you rocked it for your 6 month photos. 

You have dropped a bottle as you are eating more solids. Pouches seem to be a favorite as well as mums and yogurt melts. You are itching to try finger foods so we will probably start that soon!

You smile as big as can be at mommy, sissy, your brothers, and daddy. Then you look with such seriousness at your cousins Kolton, Beckam, & Vivie. It is as if you are confused that there are other little babies around just like you!

You do love to hold Vivie's hand and reach for her whenever you get the chance. If she is crying, you roll yourself to her as if to say that you are here. It is one of the sweetest things that I have ever seen. I have a feeling that you two will be best cousin friends!

You continue to move in circles and roll around to get where you want to be. You are definitely grabbing for more and more things and holding on tight. You grab around my neck for big hugs! 

You attended Adelaide's dance recital and sat through the entire 1.5 hour show. You were a dancing yourself and loved the performances & music.

You continue to love the exersaucer at home. It is one of your favorite toys. You also love the baby pool at Mimi & Papas. Taking your first dip in it a few weeks ago, you enjoyed the cool splashing.

Pure delight and perfection is how I describe you. You bring such a calm and peace to our family. My little Salem girl!

I love you!



Saturday, May 19, 2018

Aspen Michael: 4 Years Old

Dearest Aspen Michael,

FOUR YEARS OLD! You seem so big yet still so small to me in many ways. You are really loving being able to do things on your own and be a "big boy helper." While you love and adore Adelaide, you certainly embrace being the oldest while she is at school!

You call Salem "baby girl" and  love being a big brother again. I can see the protector in you already. She favors you in looks and personality from a baby-to-baby comparison. It has been fun seeing you flourish in this new role.


You are a sporting machine~ taking tennis, swim & golf basically year round. You are rallying with Coach Chuck, playing 4 to 5 holes with Coach Jesse, and swimming laps with Mr. Clay. I am so proud of you for working hard! You also tried skiing over spring break in Colorado. You did ski school and had two days of instruction. I wasn't sure how you would fair on your own, but you were so brave!

You are loving everything dinosaur! You know the technical names and are always spotting new dinos around town. You love sharks and whales and sea monsters too! You have been asking for all sorts of animals for your birthday!

You began "reading" books to us. Your favorite is Thomas & the Dinosaur. It is so cute to watch you read to us at night. You truly are so proud of yourself and I can't help but love your beaming pride!

You love school and we will be sad to see you graduate from Mrs. Evans & Mrs. Kenney. They have been such a joy for you these past two years. They understand you and you love them so much.  

You are fond of your cousins especially Bishop, Cooper, & Boston. You love playing with them and swimming with them. Your eyes light up when you get to see them and spend time together. 

You still love to cling to me and stay close by. You always want one more hug and one more kiss. You are always quick to ask when I will be back and confirm that I won't be far for long. It melts my heart how much you love me!

I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for you!

I love you!


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Mother's Day 2018: One For the Books

This Mother' Day was one for the books! It was such fun and very special from start to finish. Friday night Adelaide & I enjoyed a cooking class at Abigail Academy. And while my little daughter was a straight diva, we still loved spending time together and cooking delicious turkey burgers and black bean corn salsa. 

Saturday we swam at my parent's house celebrating Bishop's first communion. The kids had a blast and it was fun to enjoy summer temperatures! Then Ryan & I had a nice date night out at HCC for the Couples' Nine & Dine. It was Doce de Mayo themed and the details were on point. The golfing wasn't too bad either!


Sunday we hosted brunch at our house. Food was delicious. Company was even better. And Ryan made sure to order a flower arrangement for each mother. It was a really sweet surprise! 

Hoping your Mother's Day was extra sweet!