Friday, December 23, 2016

The Thompson Christmas Bucket List: Sipping Hot Cocoa All the Way to the North Pole

Our Christmas Bucket List has been a bit different this year due to us getting into the new house. We didn't start on the list until well into December making it a bit of a crunch at times. But I really wanted the kids to have a special Christmas season due to so many changes that they have had to endure this year. And I wanted to feel the magic too. More this year than any I feel like.

So we set out to enjoy the holiday spirit in the midst of our chaotic December. We took a picture with Santa Claus; Hung Stockings; Drove around to see Christmas Lights; Decorated Gingerbread Houses; Listened to Christmas Music; Saw a Christmas Musical; Wrapped Christmas Presents; Rode a Train to the North Pole; Read a Christmas Story; Drank Egg Nog by the Fire; Kissed Under the Mistletoe; Watched a Christmas Movie while Sippin' Hot Cocoa.

The kids loved them all and to see the magic of Christmas through the eyes of your children is such a blessing; An opportunity that I do not take lightly and truly cherish during the holidays.

Here is a look at our Christmas Bucket List in pictures...