Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Copy Cat Closet: Stripes

Linking up with Ma Nouvelle Mode this week for a simple & fun challenge of stripes. I just scored this super fun purple & blue striped sweater at Loft for $20. YES! Major sale and I like it! Paired with my skinny jeans & new Uggs, I hit the streets of N-Y-C with my mom & sister to be tourists. 

If you are interested in linking up, be sure to visit Ma Nouvelle Mode and get style inspiration directly to your inbox! I can't wait to see what each new challenge brings for my inner fashionista because this new mommy needs all the style tips she can get!

the Grant life;


  1. So cute as always!! Love the sweater!

  2. Is this the sweater you were telling me about? LOVE it! Proud of you for rocking the uggs.. I must admit that I still LOVE mine too :)
    Nikki at

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