Monday, February 29, 2016

Adelaide Jane: 3 1/2

Dearest Adelaide Jane,

Where to even begin my baby girl and big girl all rolled into one?! Some days you are a little mommy to your two little brothers...hugging and kissing them, sharing your toys with them, comforting them when they cry, giving them snacks/bottles, and genuinely lighting up when they are around. Other days you want mommy to carry you and hold you just like you were a little baby.

You definitely like to help with anything you can. You like to walk Beau, pour your own milk, get yourself dressed with shoes and all, and even buckle yourself into your car seat. I love how independent you are and even though you get frustrated when you need to ask for help, I am honestly amazed at how big you seem to me.

You are a girly girl who loves her manicure/pedicures with mommy and Mimi. You take ballet classes and love to curtsy to say "thank you Miss Vanessa." You love to play dress up especially wearing your Little Mermaid and Sophia outfits. You play mommy to your Bitty Baby by burping her, changing her diaper, getting her dressed, and putting her to sleep. You do however allow Aspen to push her in the stroller :)

On the flip side, you are happy to swim, play tennis, get dirty, and drive your car outside. I love this about you and hope it is a quality that never changes.

You enjoy imaginary play and can dream big, big dreams! You are always carrying a dog in your pocket or making Minn-a-stroni soup in your kitchen. You have secret powers with your amulet too!

The holidays are becoming even more fun as we see them through your eyes. For Halloween, you dressed up as Mary Poppins. You loved your little umbrella and courting around with Bert (aka Aspen). You even held the Penguin (aka Brighton). 

For Thanksgiving, we headed to Bermuda where you had an absolute blast. A girl after my own heart, you spent our last day running around the beach and crashing into the ocean in your birthday suit :)


You got to go to the Rockettes with mommy, Mimi, Aunt Kiki, Aunt Bees, and your cousins when they visited New York! You and Coopie had a great time and couldn't have loved the show more.

As active as you can be, lounging on the couch to watch a movie and cuddle is something you equally love. Some of your favorites include Inside Out, Beauty & the Beast, Cinderella, Bambi, Aladdin, and the Lion King.

They say that time flies and to cherish all of the moments when your kids are young. I see you aging before my eyes and I am doing my best to enjoy these times before they pass us by. I love you and the little girl you are becoming. While we have our challenging times, we are in a better routine of understanding one another and being the best mommy/daughter team we can be.

I love you!


    Friday, February 26, 2016

    Rocking Horse Ranch & Turning 33

    I am officially 33 years old! Yikes...honestly where does the time go?! The day was spent with my sweet babes, the hubs, and good friends. I had flowers, cake, and chocolate covered fruits!

    I love the card that my parents sent me as it captures my personality from day one so perfectly. I hope that I continue to live life that way and make my parents proud with all that I do.

    Next up, we spent the weekend at the Rocking Horse Ranch. I took the kids solo and managed to survive a two night trip with all 3 by myself :)

    There was so much top do that the kids and I were in 7th heaven. From swimming...

    ...To bunk bed sleeping...

    To pony rides...

    ...snacks and buffalo spotting...

    And playground going...
   winter wonderland fun including ice skating and snow tubing...

    And carriage rides....