Sunday, September 30, 2012

Adelaide Jane: 1 Month

Dearest Adelaide,

I can hardly believe you are one month old today. Ten months of pregnancy seemed to creep by, but now that you have arrived, it appears the days are flying by. You have already grown so much, not just in size but in personality too. Your dad & I are just amazed by you. Every part of you. From your little facial expressions to your stinky diapers to your coos and cries. We spend a lot of time holding you, kissing you, and starring at you.

You make the sweetest little face as you are falling asleep. You bat your precious eyes and smile a coy smile before dozing off. Then you snore like your Papa until you've peacefully gone to dreamland. When you wake up, you stretch, stretch, stretch which is beyond adorable. It *might* be our favorite thing to watch you do at the present.

I love your big blue eyes. I look forward to awake time to watch you gaze around at your surroundings. Pretty sure that you are going to be just as curious as your mommy ;) You move your arms and legs like a swimmer and you are strong, strong, strong. You grab for your bottle and paci all the time.

You are up to eating 3 1/2 ounces per feeding and you can't get enough. Not a fan of burping as that means no food for a moment. You are growing like a weed. For exercise (because we both need it), we enjoy daily walks around the neighborhood with big brother Beaumont. He likes to pull the stroller along actually. You love bath time a lot and its become part of our nightly routine. We get you fresh & clean then put your jammies on before dinner time. Daddy swaddles you before bedtime each night which you thoroughly enjoy. You are a good little sleeper and have been since week one. Your bedtime is between 10pm & 10:30pm and you sleep until 5:30am. I double love you for this. You sleep in your bassinet (which you are almost too tall for!) next to mommy & daddy's bed.

You had your first photo shoot at 8 days old and were a natural. You definitely have a career as a model or tennis player for sure. Your Papa is hoping that you'll be a lefty tennis star, but we're pretty sure you are a righty.

You've had so many firsts already in your short life including your first trip to Kentucky. Before the end of the year, you will have been on several trips which will make you a veteran traveler before 6 months of age. Load up those sky miles baby!

We can't wait to see what the next month brings! We love you so much Ms. Adelaide Jane!!

Mommy (and Daddy)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Snapshots on a Saturday

We had a fun-filled week for this these big girls.

Family bonding via pj days and a special date night to Burger Joint (apparently even at 3 weeks being with your parents is a snooze!)

Lots of daddy/daughter time which included morning snuggles & coffee, walks around the neighborhood, and watching sports on TV

Dad let me try out all sorts of new places in the house!

Sunday church service where Adelaide stayed awake the whole time and received a special blessing from Monsignor

Adelaide's crib finally arrived as did some special packages for her

We played with our friends Erin & Saylor who were visiting from Costa Rica

AND for the grand finale, Adelaide had her first plane ride yesterday to Kentucky where she got to meet her Papa, uncle Shane, uncle Peter, and cousins Bishop & Collins

Friday, September 28, 2012

Adelaide's Modeling Career

Little A kicked off her modeling career at 8 days old and she was a natural...well at first she was a bit of a diva but Roy, the photographer, doubled as the baby whisperer & fulfilled her requests so she could shine brightly.

You might remember Roy from our maternity shoot a few months ago. As always, his work was amazing and the pictures turned out unbelievable. Here are a few masterpieces that he crafted up...

To view the entire photo shoot, click here and use this passcode: WRTO612.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Copy Cat Closet: An Oversized Shirt

Linking up with Ma Nouvelle Mode for another great challenge this week. Ordinarily I don't care for over-sized clothes as I'm always a fan of form fitting attire. I feel like it fits my body better and is more flattering for me. However, Ryan bought me this sleek yet loose fitting shirt for Christmas a few years ago which I just love.

Two weekends ago we went on a *day* date to run errands before having dinner at Memphis Mae's and I sported my *peace sign* shirt. I generally pair it with my grey skinny jeans & heels (seen here) but opted for grey leggings and my cowgirl boots (another gift from Ryan).

Skirt: William Rast (old)
Leggings: Express (old)
Boots: Lucchese  (custom)

With a turquoise & silver antique watch (my Mama Comley's) and a cream bow for my hair, I kept my accessories simple. The skirt and the boots are enough of a statement for me ;)

If you are interested in linking up, be sure to visit Ma Nouvelle Mode and get style inspiration directly to your inbox! I can't wait to see what each new challenge brings for my inner fashionista because this new mommy needs all the style tips she can get!

the Grant life

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Adelaide's Favorite Things

Who am I kidding...what I really mean is My Favorite Things For Adelaide To Be In So I Can Get Stuff Done

  • Nap Nanny Chill Portable Recliner: perfect for her mid-morning nap and anytime post-feeding since it is reclined. Adelaide spits up a bit so she likes to be elevated after her meals. Plus if she is snoozing in this, I can carry her into any part of the house without disturbing her. Her bff Tripp & his mom *Bond Girl* gave this to us and apparently Tripp loves his too :)

  • Fisher Price Rock n' Play Sleeper: highly recommended by & a gift from Two Scoops for Me *mommy of twins*, this little device is used for bath time. For both Adelaide & myself. I lay her towel inside it then transport her from tub to sleeper and wrap her up for warmth. Then I can go about cleaning up the bath area while she stays snug. I also put her in this when she is awake in our bathroom while I shower. 

  • Boppy Infant Feeding & Support Pillow: during mid-night feedings, this pillow is a lifesaver. My arms are beyond tired in the middle of the night so this helps me support her and then rock her back to sleep. Courtesy of Aunt J!

  • Graco Avalon Glider/Ottoman: once again Sammy saves the day with this hidden gem that makes feeding in the middle of the night peaceful. Adelaide & I have come to love rocking her to sleep in the wee hours.

New moms, what are some of your favorite things?!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Being a Mom Means...

  • eating soggy cereal (or not eating at all) because Adelaide needs to eat
  • wearing the same black tank top & black yoga pants several days in a row because I can't figure out what else to wear
  • taking a 4 minute shower max and NEVER being able to actually dry my hair
  • being 2 weeks overdue for a pedicure
  • crying at the realization that I have a baby girl who will *at some point* get her heartbroken and then smiling when I also realize that I will be a mother of the bride when she meets her prince charming
  • shorter and less frequent blog posts because sleeping is more important so when she naps, I nap
  • goodbye Louis, hello animal print diaper bag
  • less items crossed off the *to do list* and more items added

When I started this blog, I was single and not a mom so everything I wrote about had to do with me and my life. Once I got engaged, I vowed not to turn my blog into a relationship portal but to keep writing about things that touched me (not just pertaining to Ryan). And so when I got pregnant, I wanted to make sure that it wasn't all about my pregnancy. I fully intend to continue that trend by writing about ALL aspects of my life...but right now, I am a MOM and that is my entire life at the moment. So please join me on this journey by following along while I continue to document my world virtually through my words.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Snapshots on a Saturday

During our first official week alone (minus family help), daddy went back to work and Adelaide & I set sail on getting into a routine.

Which included lots of naps and snuggles...

Afternoon walks with big brother Beau...

Nightly bath time fun...

Evening dinners with daddy...

And a few shopping trips for treats...

I can't believe my baby girl turned 3 weeks old on Thursday. She is getting so big already! Before we know it, she will be walking then riding her bike then driving then going on dates then getting married then having babies of her own. Oh no! Slow down time :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Copy Cat Closet: Dressing Up a Chambray

Once again, I'm linking up with Ma Nouvelle Mode and the Copy Cat Closet series. This weeks challenge included dressing up a chambray top (or similar style button down shirt) for a fall look. Since I didn't have any big plans for the week, I opted to try this outfit out to church on Sunday evening. Two and a half weeks post baby has me a bit more comfortable with various pieces in my wardrobe which helped me branch out for this challenge.

I opted for my pink chambray-like blouse as it is a lighter material but has the three-quarter link sleeves for a more fall look. To really go for something I wouldn't ordinarily pair together, I decided on my brown flowy skirt. Normally I pair this skirt with a cream top & strappy heels in the spring or a brown sweater & boots in the fall.

Completing the look via accessories, I chose my brown knee high boots and Buechel Bill necklace in honor of my Papa Collins, and a few gold bangles. Perhaps all a little too fancy for church, but this girl doesn't need an excuse to try something new :)

What do you think?!

If you are interested in linking up, be sure to visit Ma Nouvelle Mode and get style inspiration directly to your inbox! I can't wait to see what each new challenge brings for my inner fashionista because this new mommy needs all the style tips she can get!

the Grant life

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Baby Proof

Funny how someone so tiny can require so many big things. Even though Adelaide isn't mobile and wrecking havoc throughout the house just yet, her stuff has taken over. I'm talking gadgets multiple gadgets in each room. Changing stations strategically placed throughout both levels. Feeding supplies have taken over our kitchen and pantry. (Yes, gasp she is fed formula. Save me the you are a bad mom thought too. Not everyone chooses to breastfeed. Not everyone can. I wasn't breastfed & I turned out just fine and my mommy & I couldn't be closer.) Dirty diapers make for more frequent trips to take the trash out. Our bed hasn't been made in 3 weeks now; sorry beautiful decorative pillows. Oh and let's not forget the delightful throwback blankets gracing our couch to avoid spit ups :)

But I wouldn't change a thing because all of that means we have this sweet face in our lives:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Present for A Push

Whoever invented the "push present" is a genius. I mean really a woman does deserve a token of appreciation for giving birth given the shear nature of the act. As rewarding as the miracle of life is, a little something special from your hubby doesn't hurt.

Aside from suggesting the LV Mini Speedy, I hadn't given much thought to a push present. Ryan is beyond wonderful at surprises so I just sort of let him do his thing. See I am learning to not need to control everything ;) Plus I had more important things to worry about like the actual childbirth!

So the whole push present thing slipped my mind until I came downstairs to the living room on our first day home to see two nicely wrapped gifts. With strict instructions, I opened the card first which read like a love poem about our journey from individuals to friends to significant others to husband & wife to parents. Then I unraveled the Dom Perignon and popped our champagne to toast to parenthood. We cheered baby Adelaide in our Swarovksi champagne flutes that Ryan gave me as part of my wedding gift.

Lastly, I opened the small package which held this:

A beautiful diamond (because all girls love diamonds!) and peridot ring to honor Adelaide. Her birthstone is the peridot said to be associated with the values of fame, dignity, protection, and success. Pretty suiting for our perfect little princess.

peridot gem

The idea is to have one ring per child and then they will all be sautered together. Such a wonderful and thoughtful idea! I can't wait to tell Adelaide how sweet her daddy is to us!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Closet Copy Cat: White Jeans

Today I am linking up with Ma Nouvelle Mode for the Closet Copy Cat series. I discovered this fun weekly fashion blog link-up last week over on Port of Thoughts and thought this was the perfect way for me to expand my fashion horizon.

Lucky for me, the first challenge involves white jeans which happen to be one of the only pairs of pants that currently fit me post baby :) Plus I love that I can still sport them after Labor Day because I find that to be a stupid fashion rule. If I want to rock white, I should be allowed to rock it all 12 months!

I'm new at the fashion poses and I much prefer to smile at the camera as opposed to making some seductive looking face. My photographer (the hubs) also needs to work on a more artsy angle. With a little practice, I am sure we can get there eventually :)

I paired my white jeans with a new purple & teal gingham shirt from Target. Wearing it at three quarters length for a fall look and a light-weight cardigan as an accessory, I kept a touch of summer by wearing my dressy sandals. **I'm not quite confident enough to tote Adelaide around in heels just yet** I kept my jewelry simple with my wedding ring (since I was able to get it on finally!) and my push present ring. Incidentally, I have recently traded my LV purse for a very stylish, animal print diaper bag which I forgot to include in my outfit photo.

If you are interested in linking up, be sure to visit Ma Nouvelle Mode and get style inspiration directly to your inbox! I can't wait to see what each new challenge brings for my inner fashionista because this new mommy needs all the style tips she can get!

the Grant life

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

EATF Luncheon

Since moving to New York, tennis has become an even bigger part of my life. Perhaps because it has helped create my life here, forged friendships, provided a healthy pregnancy, and given me an opportunity to be involved in charity. Not to mention the tennis tournament that I worked on for the majority of the year.

The EATF, Eastern Adult Tennis Foundation, is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization created to bring public attention and financial support for worthy, grassroots tennis programs for adult and senior participation.

The Foundation’s mission is accomplished by:
  • Providing grant and seed monies to outstanding programs designed to increase participation in adult tennis within the USTA Eastern Section.
  • Increasing outreach to Community Tennis Associations, inner-city areas and lower income communities to make them aware that grants are available for adult, senior, and super senior tennis programs.
  • Promoting the health benefits of tennis to adults and seniors.
  • Providing grants to start up adult and senior wheelchair tennis programs and special population programs.
  • Awarding grants annually for senior and adult team assistance and community initiatives.
Immediately upon meeting my tennis friends, they introduced me to this foundation and recruited me to be on the board. Being new to the area, I wasn't a lot of help in selling raffle tickets or getting participants to attend the annual tennis & luncheon. In some ways, I felt a bit fraudulent as I was less than contributing. So when I was able to secure Gigi Fernandez, 17-time GrandSlam winner & 2-time Olympic gold medalist, as our keynote speaker, I was beyond static and proud.

Monday, Adelaide and I headed down to Mamaroneck to the Beach Point Club to attend the luncheon. It was our first time out, just mommy & baby girl! We were honored to sit at the table with Gigi and some of our tennis friends. Adelaide was dressed in her pink tutu outfit from her nana and she stole the show! The setting was gorgeous with blue skies and views of the marina waters. Lunch was divine with a flavored chicken breast atop a green salad paired with mini gourmet sandwiches and complete with baby brownies and cupcakes for dessert.

Honoring Sonia Sader, the founder of EATF and listening to Gigi's tales of her tennis career were great highlights to a wonderful afternoon out. I can't wait to tell Adelaide all about it when she gets a little bigger. And she will be so excited to know that at 11 days old she met a superstar athlete!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Day at The Open

On Adelaide's one week birthday, I ventured out for a few hours to catch some tennis. At the US Open to be exact. With Flushing Meadows practically in our backyard and JP Morgan being a huge sponsor, we decided to take advantage of the opportunity. Ryan went several times to entertain clients and I made a girls day of it with my mom, Amanda, & Abbi. Don't worry, Adelaide stayed home with her nana! I may have texted several a thousand times throughout the day to check in on her. Paranoid mommy.

The weather was just warm enough without being too sunny/humid. We watched the finals of the mixed doubles, the Bryan Brothers in men's doubles, and the epic 5 setter between David Ferrer and Jarko Tipsarevic. We dined on delicious paninis and sipped Moet champage. All in all, a smooth and successful first day away from baby Adelaide.

I can't wait to share with her the importance that the US Open played in the first few days of her life. I will forever remember Kim Clijsters final match because it was when I was having my pre-induction ceremony. The day Adelaide was born we had a plethora of matches on TV to help pass the time until we met her. Her first few days and nights were filled with amazing tennis which she loved seeing while eating/being awake. And she will LOVE wearing her US Open pink t-shirt next year!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

One Week, So Many Firsts

My first feeding (outside mommy's tummy)

My first car ride

My first sponge bath (at home)

My first doctor's appointment

My first girls day out

My first big girl bath


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Adelaide Jane Thompson: Arrived August 30, 2012

There is no way to describe the feeling of giving birth. It is the most surreal, moving experience of my life and those words don't even do it justice. In some ways, I blinked and barely remember the process (a sure way to ensure that mothers keeping having babies ;) ). In others, I keep playing the moments in my head savoring every last one. And the most amazing moment came when the nurse said, "open your eyes and see your's a girl!" In that second, any pain I had suffered was beyond worth it.

Weighing in at 8 pounds 6.5 ounces and measuring 20.5 inches long, every thing about her gleams with perfection. She has the chubbiest little cheeks, the most adorable double chin, and the longest fingers. Her little expressions are already bringing lots of laughs for us and her beauty brings tears of joy to our eyes. I am still in awe that she came from me; that I made something so beautiful, innocent, and wonderful.

It is no secret that Ryan & I like traveling. It is one of our favorite hobbies to do together. So it makes sense that we plan to name our children after cities that we love. Adelaide is a city in Australia and while we haven't been there together, we just love the name. We plan to call her Adelaide, not Addy. Jane was my Mama Comley's first name and is my mom's middle name (as well as my sister Kendahl's middle name).

We are just as smitten as can be with our sweet baby girl. We find ourselves staring at her as she sleeps, eats, burps, watches the US Open (yes you have to start them young!), etc. She is our little miracle of life and we want to breathe in each and every moment of her.