Thursday, October 18, 2018

Albuquerque, NM: A Fall Balloon Fiesta

We spent an amazing 4 1/2 days in Albuquerque, New Mexico over fall break. Everything about it was wonderful in so many ways. ABQ has been voted one of the top ten places for families numerous times in a row, and I completely see why. The food was impeccable...drinks too! The endless amount of activities for kids & parents is like nothing I have ever seen. From hiking to the various zoos to the botanical garden & aquarium to the Balloon Fiesta to the NM Natural History Museum to Tinkertown and more. We explored our hearts out and New Mexico won us over.

There is simplicity in the way the people live their lives and there is a calmness by which they present themselves. If you sit still long enough, you can feel the spirit of those who created the land all those centuries ago. Our trip was humbling and awe-inspiring in all the right ways, the best ways.

If you ever have the chance, I highly encourage you to visit Albuquerque. You won't be disappointed.