Saturday, September 23, 2017

Brighton Kevin: 2 Years Old

Dearest Brighton Kevin,

Oh sweet boy I can hardly believe that you are two! You have grown so much and are truly flourishing before my eyes. You have such spunk and are too cute for words. You are talking up a storm (to fit right in!) and love to say "I do it" or "I beat you" when racing up the stairs or into somewhere. You love to repeat what your siblings say and you are learning to use your big vocabulary to communicate rather than scream (most of the time ;) ).

You are following right in your brother's footsteps loving all things ball, cars, trains, diggers, school buses, and especially airplanes. You can spot them from a mile away...long before anyone else sees or hears them!

You are a little fish and enjoying your swim lessons with Ms. Kaelin. You have the cutest little jammers and froggles that make me want to eat you up. You are enjoying blowing bubbles, kicking your legs, and floating on your back.

This summer you lived it up and had your own activity of PDO at Harvey Browne. It was such a fun way to see your friends and play with them! You are back there for more fun and in a new classroom! Ms. Beth & Ms. Debbie are loving having you and you are enjoying a new room with lots of new toys!

You are like your daddy and got eaten alive with bug bites this summer. I felt so bad after one particular day at the park and you were not having any of the "boo boo" cream that we were trying to put on you. 


You are always trying to keep up with your siblings and follow your sister's motto of "have no fear!" Your giggle is contagious and you are such a lover. You listen well and love to clean up. You want to be big; trying to play tennis and golf already. But you still love to sit on my lap and say "me up" when you want me to carry you. Your hugs and kisses are such a treat and even better when you say "wuv you."

I love you!



    Tuesday, September 19, 2017

    The Thompson Fall Bucket List: Make Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

    Those fall temps have been incredibly motivating and inspiring to get a head start on all things fall...which of course includes pumpkin! And what better way to treat a pregnant lady than to pumpkin + chocolate chip?! Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread! It has been a fall staple in our house for the last several years and it is oh so yummy! Not to mention it is extremely easy to make and most ingredients we have around the house. This year, my little assistant Adelaide did a lot of the leg work for me. She is really into baking things right now (i.e. our homemade apple pie a few weeks ago!) so it has been fun having her by my side. She did all of the mixing and most of the pouring. She even cracked a few eggs to show how strong she is ;) 

    We really had a lot of fun baking these loaves and even more fun enjoying them for a Saturday morning breakfast!

    Tuesday, September 12, 2017

    The Thompson Fall Bucket List: Drink Seasonal Drinks From Starbucks

    Because the first weekend in September was cool & breezy...and because I found this too cute cup at Target in the dollar section...and because my kids decided to wake up at 5:30am on a Sunday (insert the grouchiest mom of all times!), I drank my first PSL on Sunday September 3rd on my back deck in complete silence.

    And it tasted so, so yummy!

    Wednesday, September 6, 2017

    The Biggest, Loudest, Craziest Party Ever: Adelaide Turns 5 in Troll Village

    Adelaide has been talking about her "Troll birthday" for literally a year now. She has not wavered one bit on the theme so we decided to give her the biggest, loudest, craziest party ever!

    With a Troll bouncy house, cotton candy machine, face painter who specializes in Troll designs, colorful Troll party mix, colorful pasta, and the yummiest cookies & cake Troll themed (of course!), I think we made it a great big hit of a party!

    It was so great to see Adelaide get so excited to see not only her cousins but her friends from Harvey Browne as well as her friends from the HCC swim team. She felt like she was on cloud 9 all day and truly loved celebrating the BIG 5 with everyone!