Thursday, May 28, 2015

Aspen Michael Turning One: His Actual Birth Day Celebration

In keeping with tradition, Aspen awoke to blue balloons all over his crib. Please check out his adorable personalized birthday jammies that I found on Etsy, making his birthday sleep extra special!

While these confetti waffles weren't homemade, they proved to be just as delicious and a perfect birthday morning breakfast! He may or may not have also had a confetti mini muffin too! All spoils for the birthday boy ;)

After dropping his big sister off at school, we enjoyed the morning together. Just the two of us and some indoor fun at The Play Place.

Tuesday afternoons are for playgroup so Aspen got to celebrate with his best friends outside picnic style thanks to Adam & Sarah's mommy hosting. Who doesn't love a birthday picnic?!

We finished up the day with a little birthday cupcake and opening presents from mommy, daddy, & Adelaide. Fitting with the Little Mister birthday party theme and making sure the gifts would be able to be used for years to come, Aspen received a puppy (because every gentleman needs one of those), a monogrammed bow tie, mustache cuff links (thanks for those suggestions Elizabeth!), and his very own first set of golf know the gentleman's sport!

What a special first birthday indeed!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Aspen Michael's First Haircut

The day before this little guy's first birthday he got a big boy haircut. He has had blonde locks flowing over his ears pretty much since birth and his hair in the back grows just as rapidly. So a haircut had been in order for some time for this munchkin. 

Like all things, he took it in with utter delight. He sat still from the moment he was strapped into the tractor chair. Occasionally flapping his arms when they got caught underneath his cape. He found it fascinating. He laughed and smiled on cue as always.

don't let the mean mug fool you...he loved the whole thing!

How does a little haircut make a boy look so grown up?!