Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 In Review

As I do at the end of each year, I recently examined my goals for 2013. I knew when I set them that some would be easy while others would require more effort. I wasn't sure if I would complete them all, but I knew I wanted my relationship category to be the most important.

Here is what my efforts in 2013 were intended for:


  • Ryan- have a more intimate marriage & not just between the sheets, take advantage of living close to NYC, go on more date nights
  • Adelaide- partake in 4 month long activities together (i.e. swimming, play & learn, etc)
  • Family- grow our immediate family
  • Friends- host at least 2 dinner parties 

Health & Fitness

  • attend yoga class once a week
  • attend core strength class once a week
  • play a tennis tournament with dad


  • book 5 speaking engagements for 25 Before 25


  • volunteer 30 times in honor of turning 30 this February


  • visit 2 new states in the US
  • take a girls trip to Naples, FL

I can easily say that I was the most successful in my relationship goals. Ryan & I, thanks to my 1st anniversary gift, were able to go on dates throughout the year. And once we found couples friends, we began going on even more dates. Adelaide & I completed multiple classes from swimming to Gymboree to Parent/Child group to French classes. I am 4 1/2 months pregnant so our family is definitely growing...as is my belly ;) We hosted a Derby party and a Murder Mystery Dinner party; both of which were a huge success & hit around these parts. 

Health & Fitness was my least productive category. As in I did not accomplish one damn thing! Ha. I did begin prenatal yoga once I became pregnant. I did core strength here & there and am hoping for a better workout schedule in 2014. Dad & I weren't able to work out the tennis tournament thing...next year!!!

I was thrilled to speak at my alma mater Kentucky to my ADPi sisters about 25 Before 25 which was incredibly fulfilling, inspirational, and emotional. I have a few things in the works for 2014 so I hope to book more speaking engagements. If you have any ideas, please let me know ;)

Perhaps the goal that I am most proud of myself for committing to and accomplishing is volunteering 30+ times this year. I have a passion for giving especially my time. I believe that if I can brighten one person's day at a time then my life will be complete. I have enjoyed being a lector at church and will continue to do so. I also love teaching tennis with HERO as well as serving as the chairman of the EATF. I plan to continue serving going forward.

Travel was the easiest to accomplish. We went to Boston, MA for Mother's Day which was wonderful. Exploring the city, seeing the history, visiting Harvard. Adelaide & I took a road trip to Rhode Island for a few days. We enjoyed the Providence zoo & children's museum as well as the beaches of Newport. My best friends & I headed to my parents' house in Naples for a little R&R to commemorate our 30th birthdays. It was wonderful to spend time with them since we live all across the country and we rarely see one another.

I feel blessed to have had another year of life with family & friends and am looking to what 2014 has in store for me!

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