Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kentucky Derby 139

This past weekend, we brought the Bluegrass to New York. Unable to head back to Kentucky for Derby 139, we decided to throw a Derby party up here in Yankee town. Many of our friends had never even seen the best two minutes in sports so we were thrilled to show them the pride of our hometown.

Bringing back a full suitcase from my visit a few weeks ago, our Derby decor was in full swing to commemorate the festive event. And of course we introduced our New York friends to some southern comfort food as well as those potent things we like to call Mint Juleps

ready for post!

Ryan makes a mean mint julep especially when its in a mason jar laced with colorful "silks" and chilled to perfection. I also mix a sweet Lily for those who prefer a little pink in their beverage. 

We sprinkled plenty of fresh red roses, Derby hats (fancy & jockey), racing tickets, and copies of My Old Kentucky Home throughout the house to give the Thompson house that Churchill Downs feel.

Not only did I whip up Kentucky's finest dishes, I also made sure to get creative in presentation. Thanks to Pinterest I had help with ideas and simply had to follow directions for success. We snacked on Derby cheese hat, mini hot browns, & horseshoe-shaped Benedictine sandwiches. Dinner included pony trough salad, jockey silk green beans, Churchill Downs corn souffle, and bourbon-glazed pork tenderloin. Dessert served famous Mint Julep cupcakes, bourbon balls, Derby pie, and a lovely carrot cake made by our friend Marc.

Derby wouldn't be complete without a little wager...creating even more excitement amongst our friends. Susan walked away with win & show while Jake took home place. 

We thoroughly enjoyed hosting our first Derby party. It was nice to have a piece of home right here in New York and share that with such wonderful friends here. The sun really was shining bright on my old Kentucky home...

PS- A huge thank you to my husband for spending 2 1/2 days working on our deck to have it in party shape for our guests. And also for putting the finishing touches on our new front door planters! It is amazing what we can accomplish with a little team work ;)

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