Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Murder Mystery Dinner Party: Shots Fired at Jonathan Taylor's Estate on Halloween

Guests gathered for Jonathan Taylor's annual Halloween party. Attendees included Shania Vain, Ginger Heart, Michelle Proud, Marlena Maples, Peter Jenkins, Elvis Erickson, Percy Slick, & Winfrow Adams. As they mingled with their drinks & eats (poison (beer), potion (wine), spider (deviled) eggs, & bandaged fingers (mini wieners), they began getting to know one another.

Suddenly, shots rang out. Jonathan Taylor was found dead in the wine cellar. 

With their little investigation notepads, the guests got to solving the crime. Who had motive & the weapon to kill Mr. Taylor? As the interrogations continued, the guests sat down for dinner as that is what Jonathan would have wanted according to party planner Ginger Heart. 

With a fall dinner of witches brew & worms (aka chili & spaghetti) and delicious black velvet truffle for dessert, everyone submitted their murders to the police. Michelle Proud solved the crime as Peter Jenkins was the killer with a revolver in the wine cellar. He was cuffed and escorted to the dungeon where he drank copious amounts of bourbon and played pool with his fellow suspects.

As party favors for being such great detectives, everyone received a carmel apple. Detective work is tough stuff!

**A big thank you to Murder Mystery Maniacs for helping with the plots, characters, & crime! We had an absolute blast dressing up and being detectives. True to our characters, we acted to the best of our abilities resulting in loads of laughs and a wonderful adult evening for all!

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