Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's Day 2013: Boston Strong

We celebrated Mother's Day weekend in Boston, MA. I had never been and Ryan had only been for work. And given the recent terrorist attacks during the Boston Marathon, I felt it was the right time to go in order to give back to the city and honor those affected by the bombings. To me, it is incredibly important to show terrorist that we will not be led by fear nor will we allow them to handicap us out of living life to the fullest.

We had good weather, slight rain & overcast on Saturday but warm temperatures and sunshine with blue skies on Sunday. We walked our way from Cambridge to Boston Common then along the Freedom Tour on Saturday. Getting a taste of history and a sense of pride for our country. We learned so much and put places with names from US History 101. Our tour guide was witty, charming, and in character at all times. We enjoyed specific dishes that Boston is known for including oysters & New England clam chowder. Oh...peas & puffs too!

Sunday we snuggled as a family in bed...Beau included! Our hotel, The Marlowe (a Kimpton hotel), is pet friendly which really made my mother's day to be able to bring Beaumont along :) 

Adelaide helped me open my gifts. A beautiful pink & red Swarovski heart with the sweetest little card. My first piece of Le Creuset cookware that I have been eyeing for months years. I am a lucky girl.

We had brunch in the hotel restaurant which was delicious and was the spot for Adelaide to first try scrambled eggs...which she loved! Followed by a walk around Harvard Square in the warm sun. It was graduation weekend and the streets were filled with lots of hustle & bustle. My favorite shop just happened to be Mint Julep with Goorin Brothers as a close second. Harvard was rockin' the Kentucky Derby vibe as well as a shout out to the Great Gatsby. 

Freedom Trail
 Anddddd while we were standing on the Boston Massacre, we were front row for a moving I know how cars driving in the movie are filmed! I can't wait until the David O. Russell film which will feature Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, & Jeremy Renner. Sort of hoping for a cameo ;)

All in all, I had a wonderful first mother's day and look forward to celebrating many more with my family!!

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  1. SO happy to see you had a great first Mother's Day! Adelaide is just getting girrrrrlier and I love it!