Thursday, October 10, 2013

Celebrating the Flirty 30: Naples Style

Last week Adelaide & I packed our bags and headed south. Despite the weather being gorgeous in NY, we had a girls weekend planned for ages in Naples. Greeted with blue skies & 90 degree temps, we set out to get the house ready for our bffs.

Marquette & Ali arrived Thursday. Kel & Aham flew in Friday. In honor of our 30th birthdays this year, we decided to take a girls trip. We had high hopes of somewhere exotic when we were planning this a few years back, but we found Naples to be the key. *We definitely missed JL who just welcomed her 2nd baby boy & Kimmie who is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her niece/nephew*

Welcome Gifts! Beach towel, gossip mags, sunscreen, & gum

When you are 30, you spend vacations chilling poolside with a cocktail or two (not ten like in your twenties!). You also take morning walks around the neighborhood to get a little exercise. You still enjoy the thrill of a good golf cart race and dancing is not an option but a mandatory task.

Just ask Adelaide...she seems to have the Miley twerk down perfectly.

But perhaps the best part of being 30 is that when you see your friends you spend time talking. Really talking and catching up about the important parts of their lives. Their secrets. Their happy times. Their dreams.

Adelaide & I thoroughly enjoyed our time with our bffs. It was just what we needed to rejuvenate us and make easing into fall/winter temps bearable!! Until the next trip, we love you girls and will cherish the weekend!!

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