Friday, July 19, 2013

Road Trip to Rhode Island

When Ryan mentioned he would be going out of town for the week, I had an idea. How about a little girls road trip?!

So we packed a small suitcase, hopped in the car (Beau included), and headed northeast to Rhode Island. We arrived early evening on Tuesday after Adelaide being treated to her first Mc D's Happy Meal. And happy she was indeed! After dinner we nestled into our hotel bed, jammies & all for some good girl giggles.

Rising early Wednesday morning, we headed to the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence. It is hands down the best zoo I have been to and believe me I have been to many around the world. The animals were in as close to their natural habitat as possible with freedom to roam & play throughout. Around each corner sat a learning center with hands on experiences for children to learn more about the animals. Mystic water stations helped keep us cool on such a hot summer day. But the best part was the Hasbro Our Big Backyard which showcases a huge tree house, various water activities, an art center with chalkboards for drawing, and much much more.

pulling up to the zoo this is what was on the GPS ;)

Next we drove down to Newport for lunch. We sat in the shade on the dock at The Deck watching the boats roll in & out. Adelaide indulged in a grilled cheese while I enjoyed the fish & chips with a glass of rose. It was crisp and chilled to perfection.

Full and happy we strolled up to the International Tennis Hall of Fame. We oohed and ahhed at the pristine grass courts (and the kiddos playing on them in their all white attire), admired the legendary names of the game, and noted the decades worth of memorabilia. And we snagged a few souvenirs to boot ;)

I didn't quite feel right leaving Newport without making a pit stop at the beach so we did just that. Laying our blanket out on the sand, we left our flips flop on shore and dipped our toes bodies in the water. Adelaide splished & splashed about in the east coast waves as I admired the shoreline beauty. It really is breathtaking. Once we were cooled off, we headed back up to Providence to shower off & have movie night.

Thursday morning we awoke and packed up for the journey home. With the car loaded and ready to set south to NY, we had one last stop to make: The Providence Children's Museum. A two-story, impressively interactive & educational establishment designed with every child in mind. From newborn to pre-teen. We spent our time in Littlewoods for kids 4&U. Adelaide cruised across the baby bridge, crawled through the tree house tunnel, played with wild animals (plastic mind you), and mingled with fellow babies. After she got her playtime fix, we journeyed on back home.

Not only is Rhode Island gorgeous, but it is also one of the more kid-friendly places to visit with so much for families to see & do. And reasonably priced too! If you are in the area or looking for a fun family trip, RI is your place. Staying in Providence or Newport is great because you have access to both cities with a quick drive. I am looking forward to going back with my family soon!

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