Wednesday, March 20, 2013

21 Days Later: Week Two

Week two of 21 Days Later was brutal with a capital B. I struggled big time with the nutritional portion as my silly body just wouldn't stop craving these:



Plus Adelaide & I were on the go non-stop this week from workouts to meetings to play groups to running errands which made these options appear much more convenient...

I am, however, proud to admit that I refrained from partaking in any fast food adventures. AND I limited my sweet tooth to only 4 girl scout cookies. So despite the agonizing pain, I was well-behaved.

As for the workouts, I loved switching up my usual routine by adding in an array of options for cardio health. I hadn't been on a stair stepper in a minute and it brought me back to the days of Blairwood as a teen. **On a funny note, I keep entering 29 as my age out of sheer habit. My finger goes immediately to that number 2 first instead of the 3. Oops!**

Weight training has been great thus far. I love feeling the burn after each set and knowing that I am getting stronger. I think it will be my biggest challenge in the coming week as I up the weights to push myself.

Remember, it is not too late to get Spring Break ready or wedding ready or simply healthy. Contact myself or Bryen for more deets!

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