Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Whitney & Ryan: Wedding Anniversary #4

Last week Ryan & I celebrate our 4th year of marriage. It has definitely been an challenging year to say the least. We weathered through several difficult situations this year that tested our faith and had us doubting the good in the world. But somehow, we were able to come together through the rough patch(es) and overcome what the year handed us.

You might recall when we celebrated our first anniversary and the gift that kept on giving all year long. We had a great time on our monthly dates and continued to enjoy our passion for exploring. For year two, I combined cotton & china into a beautiful Thanksgiving week getaway up in Mont Tremblant, Canada. In year three, a traditional leather gift came in the form of a TUMI travel wallet while the modern crystal gift included a Thanksgiving dinner at The Crystal Hotel in Portland, OR.

This year I wanted to *again* stick with tradition and put a spin on the modern gift. Traditionally fruit & flowers is the gift of choice for year #4. Fruit is thought to represent the blossoming of a couple while flowers are an appropriate sign of love. Appliances are the modern gift due to their ability to stand the test of time.

With the stress our year brought, I couldn't think of a better way to incorporate fruit & flowers than planning a tropical vacation for our Thanksgiving week! We are heading to Bermuda for a little R&R where the whole family will enjoy tropical fruits to eat & drink as well as the beauty of tropical flowers all around! We cannot wait to get away and recharge our batteries plus practice our gratitude for the life and blessings that God has given us.

For appliances, we were long overdue for a TV in our bedroom.  We don't watch TV prior to bed so it was never a necessity...until Adelaide started thinking 6am was an acceptable wake up time. So in hopes that we all get a little more sleep, we are setting up a TV in the bedroom for morning snuggles, cartoons, and *hopefully* a little more shut eye for mom and dad!

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