Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Celebrating Our Fourth Year

To celebrate year four, we did a little throw back to our dating days. It is something Ryan consistently likes to do so it makes for a fun time. It usually includes the outdoors followed by wine tasting. Not a bad way to spend the day :)

This year we had dinner at Ocean House on our actual annivesary. It is BYOB so we brought a bottle of wine from Lincourt, the winery where we were married. We treated ourselves to oysters, crab cakes, and stuffed shrimp. Followed by dessert from Magnolia Bakery in the city topped off with Moet champagne.

Then over the weekend, we drove up to Dutchess County to hike around Minnewaska State Park. With the wind, it was nearly 20 degrees...not something either of us had interest being in for very long! But we enjoyed the views from the top lookout over the gorgeous lake and mountainous background. So not what you think of when you think New York.

Next we decided to partake in some & whiskey! Exercising our roots all around. The little town of Tuthilltown was literally a whiskey shrine. They have a tasting room, restaurant, factory, bottling area, and art gallery. It was packed and nice to see that not only Kentuckians like whiskey ;)

Robibero Winery is one of our favorite places here. We discovered on our first wedding anniversary and have gone back for tastings each year since. It reminds us so much of our dating days and our wedding weekend that its hard not to love!

Cheers to year number four the growing pains that it brought! Bring on year number five of marriage and all the joy that is sure to come with it!

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