Monday, December 15, 2014

Oregon: Mount Hood & Portland

I want to keep it real about our trip to Oregon. It was a really wonderful week in many ways. The state has such beauty unparalleled to most. But our journey was not easy. Not every minute of the trip was pleasant. I want to share that part to because Ryan & I definitely will remember those parts too! And be ready to share them with Adelaide when she is old enough ;)

With a 7 hour flight delay out west including the evil Chicago-Midway airport delay, jump starting the plane, and double de-icing attempts...oh and a napless toddler, landing in Portland at 2am PST seemed like a miracle in itself. Then came the challenge of no rental car facilities being open and our hotel a small 45 minute drive away. Yea so by the time we arrived to our room it was 3:30am PST and 6:30am EST. Perfect way to start off...NOT! Saving grace...

champs waiting for us upon our arrival

The next day we spent time relaxing in the lodge. Sipping hot apple cider and talking to locals. It was the perfect way to recharge our batteries after the night before.

Wednesday we hit the ground running. Starting with a hike on the Little Zig Zag Falls Trail followed by a scenic drive around the Fruit Loop. We stopped at Rasmussen Farm to grab some apples. Then enjoyed some wine tasting at the Mount Hood Winery. Next we settled into Hood River for an afternoon of coffee, beer, and appetizers. And we ended our day with the picturesque Multnomah Falls.

Thanksgiving day we drove into Portland for a day of thanks. We went to the Portland Zoo which was magnificent. We had a blast there...the baby cubs were a huge highlight! Then we played around at Powell's Bookstore before enjoying a delicious Thanksgiving dinner at Zeus Cafe.

please don't mind the giant scab on her face...she caught the gravel with her nose!

I am happy to report that the journey home was a much more timely one...and we spent the next two days in jammies catching up on some much needed rest!

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