Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Whitney & Ryan: Wedding Anniversary #3

Today Ryan & I celebrate our 3rd year of marriage. It has definitely been an exciting 3 years to say the least. One house, two babies, and three cars later...we are settling into marriage and our family. 

You might recall when we celebrated our first anniversary and the gift that kept on giving all year long. We had a great time on our monthly dates and continued to enjoy our passion for exploring. For year two, I combined cotton & china into a beautiful Thanksgiving week getaway up in Mont Tremblant, Canada.

This year I wanted to *again* stick with tradition and put a spin on the modern gift. Traditionally leather is the gift of choice for year #3. Leather is thought to be durable, resilient, strong, & flexible which are all important in a successful marriage. Crystal is the modern gift due to its ability to dazzle with beauty serving as a reminder that in a fulfilling marriage lives can be touched.

Leather is all around us, but I didn't want to just get him any old leather thing. I wanted meaning and purpose. So I bought him a TUMI leather travel wallet. Perfect for putting his passport, driver's license, travel documents, and credit cards all in one place while traveling internationally. He is overseas so much for work that I thought this was a simple gift that would make his travels a smudge easier. 

Crystal is a different story. I mean I can find crystal all over the place but to find a crystal gift that Ryan would enjoy proved to be a bit more difficult. Per tradition, I decided to book our Thanksgiving trip somewhere that he would love and somewhere that I have never been (two major components of our trips these days ;) ). So to put some crystal in the vacation spot was my task. We will be enjoying Thanksgiving dinner at The Crystal Hotel in Portland, OR. Mission accomplished!


Mount Hood

The Crystal Hotel

The Crystal Hotel is on the National Registry of Historic Places and sits across the street from the famed Crystal Ballroom. Each room in the hotel is inspired by a song or performance from the Crystal Ballrooms past 100 years. I am stoked to visit OR and this historic place with our little family of 4! 

Cheers to another year of wedded bliss on the books and many more to come!

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