Monday, November 11, 2013

Whitney & Ryan: Wedding Anniversary #2

Today Ryan & I celebrate our 2nd year of marriage. Sometimes it feels like we were just wed. Other times it feels like centuries ago. Wow that makes us sound old ;)

You might recall last year when we celebrated our first anniversary and the gift that kept on giving all year long. We had a great time on our monthly dates and continued to enjoy our passion for exploring.

This year I wanted to *again* stick with tradition and put a spin on the modern gift. Traditionally cotton is the gift of choice for year #2. Cotton is thought to be durable and versatile which are both important in a marriage. China is the modern gift due to its beauty & elegance much like how people view love.

I got to thinking really hard and my creative juices started flowing. Ryan loves snowboarding. He often complains that he isn't able to partake in his hobby enough. Wah, wah cry me a river, I know. Well snowboarding jackets & pants are made out of cotton right? Yes indeed. So I decided to get him a new outfit for the 2013/2014 snow season. Cotton...check!

Now I don't know many men who would like China as a gift. It is sort of one of those things that you register for and the guy is like oh yea cool and pays no attention to it. Ryan is one of those guys. Outside the box thinking required. Insert Mont Tremblant, Canada and viola you have beauty & elegance. A big thank you to my friend CNY for suggesting this hidden gem months & months ago when I was looking for snowboarding spots around New York.

We are heading up to Canada over Thanksgiving weekend to spend a little family of three time on the mountain. I honestly cannot wait to get away for a few days with just the 3 of us and no where to be. I have a massage booked. Adelaide has Kidz Club with playtime in the snow. Ryan has plenty of time to enjoy his cotton & china.

Cheers to another year of wedded bliss on the books and many more to come!

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