Saturday, April 27, 2013

Snapshots on a Saturday: Kentucky's Finest & Back to New York

Kentucky equals family time which means lots and lots of fun with the four minions. Also known as Adelaide, Bishop, Collins, & Cooper. They are all growing so fast and their interaction with one another is beyond precious and comical at times. We didn't grow up with many cousins (4 to be exact) and 2 were significantly older while 2 lives clear across the country. So it has always been our dream to have loads of babies who can be cousins and play until they are drop dead tired ;) I'd say we are off to a good start!

One afternoon when the sun was shining bright, Adelaide & I went to the cemetery to visit my grandparents. I laid the blanket down so she could play. I talked to my Mama Comley, introducing Adelaide Jane (her name sake). We chatted about life, New York, and the sweetest girl in town. Then we ventured up the hill to see Mama & Papa Collins where Adelaide wanted to roll around on the hill. She babbled away as we sat there making me miss them even more. All three of my grandparents would have loved her.

While in KY, I also had the pleasure of speaking to the girls of Alpha Delta Pi at UK. My first speaking engagement for my book: 25 Before 25. (You might recall it was published just before Adelaide was born). I was so overwhelmed by the warm welcome the chapter gave me and thoroughly enjoyed sharing my life experiences with them. A flood of emotions and memories washed over me as I pulled up to 476 Rose and entered the Pi House. Such a fitting place for my first of *hopefully* many!

Back in New York, we returned to the swing of our weekly routine. Meaning playtime at Gymboree, lunch dates out and about, mommy & me Friday mornings, and tennis time!

Hope you all had a wonderful week!

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