Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Adelaide Jane: 8 Months

Dearest Adelaide Jane,

Month eight was quite busy and monumental as you continue to grow. This was the first month with several "downs" as you caught a terrible tummy bug causing you to throw up for 4 straight nights. It was so difficult to watch you feel bad and cry in pain. How will I ever get through your first heartbreak??!! 

You also have had a rough go 'round with teething this month. Explosive diarrhea multiple times a day and horrible diaper rash/full body rash. The rash comes and goes as you work your little gums. We will be happy when all of your teeth pop up ;) As of now, you are rocking a 1/2 tooth on your bottom gum, front & center.

The highs of month eight include partying at Club Deco in Naples on your first Spring Break. Sun, sand, and drinks (in mommy's hand) pretty much sum up the trip. You even got a little crazy, girls gone wild style, by crawling around the house topless. Diaper on of course!!

While on SB, we celebrated your first Easter. Who knew the Easter bunny stops in New York AND Florida?! You had a little egg hunt with your cousins Bishop, Collins, & Cooper. Well, you & Coop didn't really get any eggs because you are slower than the big kids. In due time though I know you will be hunting them down...mainly because I am training you to be a detective ;)

A social butterfly, you attended your first birthday party for friends with the Bachman girls. Their mom planned a super fun Dr. Seuss themed party and you enjoyed playing with new friends. You also hit up Aunt Kara's 35th bday soiree as well as Collins' 2nd bday party. I think you snagged a cupcake from me at one point. You are my child for sure.

You reached your 21st flight when we flew back from Kentucky. People always ask me if its your first flight; then I laugh slightly and explain that you are a professional flier. No really, you sort of are.

Your vocabulary is one of my favorite things. You love to say "bo, bo, ah" in reference to little Beaumont. You actually repeat this all day, every day. You must really love your big, furry brother. You also crawl follow crawlow him around the house. You attempt to say bye bye but it sounds similar to "bo bo" and you have learned how to say "no, no." I think you are mocking me and will let you get away with this for now...not so much when you are 16.

Laughter ensues when you see any puppy. When mommy bites your fingers & toes. When you touch daddy's face especially if he hasn't shaven in a day or two. When Collins & Bishop make silly noises or faces. When we "fly, fly, fly your plane" at Gymboree. 

I feel like this month flew by and I have a feeling that it only goes fast with each passing month. I love you more each day. And although I lose my patience at times (which you will understand when you become a mom), I thank God each day for you. I love getting to wake you up in the morning as you greet me with a wide grin, and I love when you fall asleep in my arms at night nestled warmly against my chest. 

I love you.



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