Friday, November 25, 2016

Indians, Pilgrims, & Turkeys: Thanksgiving Fun 2016

In a season where politics is at an all-time high of hatred and lack of tolerance, one would think our country would be giving thanks in a more public way. Remembering our heritage and how the coming together of two communities started this great nation might do us all some good; however the retail stores alike have seemingly decided to skip over Thanksgiving all together.

Well, not in this house! We have been enjoying Thanksgiving fun since the 1st of November. Reading books, discussing the importance of giving & being kind, dressing up as pilgrims/Indians/turkeys, and enjoying a Thanksgiving feast with Adelaide's class. And of course a lot of snuggles in our Thanksgiving pjs and talks about what we are thankful for! To me, to our family, giving thanks and celebrating one of the most important holidays seemed very fitting for 2016.

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