Saturday, November 19, 2016

Aspen Michael: 2 1/2 Years

Dearest Aspen,

This is a difficult letter to write. You have struggled these past few months with all of the changes happening around you. Out of all the kids, you are definitely feeling them the most. For awhile, my sweet baby boy was replaced with a defiant, "no saying", tantrum throwing two year old. It was not something that I saw coming and I think blindsided me to say the least. Two words: growing pains!

In late July, you reluctantly gave up your paci...well you actually kept chewing the tips off due to intense molar teething so it had to go. That was met with massive sleep fighting resulting in a tired boy and a very frustrated mommy. One night you actually stood up on your bed for over an hour. Your little legs would wobble and I would ask if you were ready to sleep now which was met with "no." Finally you caved and collapsed on the bed around 11:30pm. There were other nights when you would turn the lights on and I would find you asleep right next to the door in the fetal position on the floor. Oh boy was that a horrible phase! The sleeping issues have continued as you mostly end up in our bed each night now. When daddy isn't home, I like to think you are being "the man of the house" and keeping mommy safe. This is of course until a few nights ago when you actually boycotted sleeping all night only succumbing to sleep around 6:15am. Operation "GET YOU TO SLEEP AGAIN" is in full swing. 

Thankfully in the past few weeks though, my sweet pea has returned with wanting to "snuggle me mommy" and noting "mommy I want you."  You are such a lovable boy and I am happy to see that coming back into your daily personality.

Some of your favorite phrases include: "I do it", "I buckle", "I don't want to." You are coming into your independence and trucking through new challenges. We worked on potty training a bit this summer/fall which you have done well when we stick to it. You love to push Brighton in the stroller and find it to be a very serious responsibility. 

You are taking weekly swim lessons and really loving it. Again a new challenge to have mommy on the sidelines but you have really taken to Ms. Kaelyn and are enjoying a new big boy activity.
You have been taking tennis lessons with Adelaide since August and boy are you into it. You have come along nicely and are enjoying your time with Coach Steve! He is teaching to play will thank me later for this!

You have begun excelling at 2 Day 2's with Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Kenney at Harvey Browne. It was rocky at first as there was definitely separation anxiety but you are truly loving school now. You are so big walking into school at carpool time and I can't help but smile when you tote your big backpack around. I am forever grateful to have the opportunity for you to learn and grow at such a wonderful school with amazing teachers!

You are still as curious as ever. Always asking "who dat?" or pointing out "sissy this, bubby that," or "Mimi's house or Papa's car". You continue to light up at cars and trucks. Anything that moves really. The first time we went to Papa's building and you saw his cars, your eyes were wide open and all you could muster was "Papa Cars!" You are such a little Collins and I love that about you.

I know we will look back on this time and appreciate the growing & learning that is has brought to your life as well as ours. I am proud of the little boy you have become and know that you will do great things in life. You are unbelievably sweet to your core and I adore that about you.

I love you!



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