Monday, November 28, 2016

The Greenbrier 2016: Blessed with the Best

In our traditional fashion, we spent Thanksgiving with just our family in a place that aligned with our anniversary theme. I knew the Greenbrier was full of charm and things to do making it an easy pick for "wood" and "silver"; but what I didn't know was how truly magical it would be for our family, especially the kids.

We had been to the resort twice before: once the summer of 2012 just before Adelaide was born and then again in July of 2014 when Aspen was a wee baby. We had enjoyed many things that the gorgeous resort had to offer but with a summer feel. So we were anxious to see what was to offer in the fall/winter as they began to prepare for the holidays.

If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting the Greenbrier, then you know that southern hospitality is at an all-time high. Truly made to have their guests be as comfortable as possible on every level. Authentic in decor, activities, and all things culinary. No detail forgotten. Rich in history and the finest standard of loyalty.

But in June of this year, a horrific flood wiped out much of the town of White Sulpher Springs killing dozens and destructing an entire community.  The owner of the resort shut down normal operations to open rooms and resources for the people of WV.  A true testament to the heart of the Greenbrier, West Virginians, and the southern way.

There was a video that played in the resort on the Greenbrier channel. It was looped in with two others and I couldn't help but tear up each time it was played. Recounting the devastation then the coming together of the community to be #WestVirginiaStrong. It felt so fitting to be spending our Thanksgiving in a place where people maintained their thanks through an incredibly dark time. Pockets of this country could use a good trip to WV and a dose of what many people's reality look like on a daily basis.

We spent time exploring all that the resort had to offer. We marveled at their Christmas decorations and lights. Trees of beauty around every corner. Lights from the north entrance to the grande entrance and everywhere in between. Bowling. Carriage rides. Hikes. Tea time. Ice skating. Letter writing. Indulgence in champagne, homemade chicken pot pie, chocolate candies, chicken & waffles, and pumpkin pie. The kids were simply in awe of the entire experience. Walking {running} around the place like they owned it. Waving to every single passerby and quizzing them with questions or telling them stories of their day. It really was one of the most magical family vacations that we have taken, and I am holding on tight to the memories of the week.

The joy of seeing appreciation, thanks, and simple wonder through the eyes of your children is the best Thanksgiving experience one can have!

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