Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Brighton Kevin Thompson: Arrived September 23, 2015

Our journey to meet Brighton began at the start of 2015. In January I found out that I was expecting. A few days later we had a scare of miscarriage. Once test results of blood work and ultrasounds came back positive, we thought we were in the clear. Then at 11.5 weeks we had another scare of a miscarriage. Again sonograms showed everything coming back fine. Then at 20 weeks we were told my placenta was low-lying and we would need to have a sonogram at 28 weeks to make sure it had strengthened. At that appointment, my placenta was fine but his heart was not okay. We immediately were sent to a pediatric cardiologist to have extensive fetal echo grams performed. Over the next few weeks we were seen by various specialist and at 36 weeks learned that he would 100% need heart surgery in the neonatal phase. I saw with my own eyes how the heart was not allowing blood to flow properly in utero on an intense monitoring sonogram several times. At 37 weeks & 5 days we were at Columbia Hospital to meet the OB who would deliver him, tour the NICU, meet the surgeons, and check in on him. My fluids were drastically low and they decided to induce me that night/next morning early. Talk about an emotional roller coaster...

On Wednesday September 23, 2015 our miracle baby boy arrived at 2:10pm. Weighing 6lbs, 9ozs and 19 inches long he has proven to be pure perfection in every way. I was able to hold him for 30 seconds before a team of NICU doctors and nurses whisked him away. A total of 15 doctors and nurses were in the room when he was born as well as Ryan and my mom. It was surreal to open my eyes and watch them pull his sweet body out. The doctors (who I had never met) were positive and reassuring helping to make a scary moment seem calm. 

About 5 to 6 hours later, they came to let us know that his vitals were great, blood pressures matching, hadn't needed oxygen, and his coloring was good. All things that could show signs of immediate surgery. We were able to peek in on him at the NICU Transitional Nursery for a few seconds before being taken back to my room.

A few hours later, a team of seven doctors came to tell us that he was a miracle. That everything they say in his heart to be wrong a mere two weeks prior was absolutely perfect. They had no explanation. They only had apologies. There are no words for the relief and disbelief that filled our hearts. None.

Two days later we both were breaking out of that joint to come home to a house full of love. In my wildest dreams I never thought that was even an option or possibility. God is so good!

Like everything about baby Brighton, his name has a unique story as well. We had always intended to use the middle name Kevin for a girl. But when my dad had a stroke this summer and two weeks later we learned of our baby's heart problem, we decided that boy or girl this child's middle name would be Kevin (after my dad and myself).

We couldn't agree on a boy name though. Nothing I liked was sitting well with Ryan and he had no actual suggestions. On Tuesday when we were in the middle of learning that the baby was coming now, my sister Taylor was texting me (without knowing what was going on!) to say the she knew we were having a boy and we needed to name him Brighton. A city in England (and Colorado) meaning "hope" with a bright personality and intellect. I wasn't responding to her because I was in shock so she decided to text Ryan too. All of a sudden he is asking me about Brighton and saying that he loves it. 

So when Ryan/the doctors announced that it was a boy, we just greeted him as quickly as they allowed with a "Hi Brighton buddy we love you!" 

God has big plans for this sweet boy of mine!

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  1. Yes Whitney there are big plans for him because at his very young age he has already overcome so much....Brighton may God always bless you