Friday, October 2, 2015

Adelaide, Aspen, & Brighton: Siblings Meet

My heart grew a little bigger the day these sweet siblings got to meet. And although it wasn't exactly how Adelaide & Aspen met, it was just as special in its own way. Even sweeter that he came home with mommy!

The day he was born, Adelaide & Aspen came to visit mommy! I was so excited to see them and share the news with them that they had a baby brother! They rushed in and immediately wanted to jump up on the bed with me. I loved that feeling. They knew mommy needed their cuddles!

The day after Brighton was born, Adelaide got to meet him and hold him. She was so excited that she asked to keep going back to the NICU nursery. She was as gentle as can be and proud of her "baby Brighton."

Aspen didn't get to officially meet Brighton until we got home from the hospital. He was just finishing up bedtime when we walked in the door. He pointed and laughed and smiled. Something he has continued to do every time he sees his baby brother or hears him make a peep. I have a feeling they are going to be best friends!

I am beyond thankful for my three sweet babies! They have lifelong best friends and I can see the love for one another in their eyes already!

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