Monday, May 18, 2015

Life Letters (April): Giving & Volunteering

For the month of April, my focus has been on doing for others. I have always enjoyed volunteering as it helps me reflect on my own life and how fortunate I have been throughout my 32 years. I also have a wonderful net of friends & neighbors here in New York who are constantly doing & helping, reaching out to see what we need.

While I am forever in debt to Whitney & Tommy Kennedy as well as Janet Tobin, I tried to focus on repaying a few of the favors they have been so gracious to help us with. And of course the charity, EATF, that I hold dear to my heart was in full swing this month.

I kicked off the month with our 2nd Annual EATF Spring Mixed Doubles Round Robin. We had a wonderful evening of tennis and fun with friends. We met new faces and helped spread awareness of the EATF mission. Plus we raised a great chunk of money that will help go towards our grantees in the fall!

The Tobin boys needed a few extra service hours so I was happy to have them over and put them to work. They helped Ryan get our deck & patio ready for summer! Plus they put together a few kid things, pressure washed the front walkway, and made Adelaide swoon. Tim & Colin are such sweet and polite young men...I know where they get it from though (their mom & dad!).

The Kennedy's traveled to MI for a memorial service in honor of Whitney's late grandmother so we watched their dog Hope. Adelaide was in 7th heaven as she walked her 3 times a day and fed her. She also snuggled up morning and night with both dogs. Beaumont enjoyed having a playmate...even if Hope ate his food and stole his bed ;)

Aspen and I spent a Saturday morning volunteering down at the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail (thanks for the info Janet!). It was a gorgeous day with sunny but cool temperatures making a perfect combo to be outdoors. We learned about vines that are hazardous to the area as well as some tick prevention techniques.

Two Wednesdays were spent at the local food bank preparing food to be shipped out to local churches and homeless shelters. I prepared bags, scooped pasta, and sorted for shipping. Everything is 100% donated which is amazing in theory. And hundreds of thousands of people are fed throughout the county, city, state, & country.

And I finished the month reading at church. It is one of my favorite things and I wish that I could do it more often. I am truly present for the Word of God and have the ability to reflect on life. It seemed a fitting way to end the month.

**I randomly mixed my 12 letters and put them in order for each month. I found the Lord working in His mysterious way this month when on the 18th I picked out my volunteer/give back letter. April 18th was the day of our long planned EATF event AND lectoring on May 16th was planned two months ago! How about that for divine intervention!**

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