Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Telling Daddy About Me

On the morning of January 29th, I was a day late starting my period. I was hesitant to take a pregnancy test because often after having a baby my body would be a day or two off its cycle. However I had a scheduled acupuncture appointment and wanted to know if I was indeed pregnant. In the back of my mind I thought hmm maybe I could be but I've learned that those little voices aren't always right.

I waited for Ryan to head to work. I took a pregnancy test in our bathroom. I loaded the kids in the car for a busy morning of activities. Then I ran back upstairs to look. And I found this...

My eyes scanned the word, pregnant, several times. I even spelled it aloud to myself. Making sure it was reading correctly. Then I smiled from ear to ear and ran back to the car. I let the kids know that they were going to be a big sister *again* and a big brother. Adelaide didn't even look up from her iPad that was blaring The Little Mermaid and Aspen pulled his monkey to sound off. I knew my secret was safe with them :)

I wanted to tell Ryan in a cute and fun way but I didn't want him to be suspicious of anything. He had just finalized his promotion that day so it was the perfect excuse to have the kids give him something. Of course he arrived home late and hardly noticed the flowers and card sitting on the kitchen counter! Finally after he changed clothes, played with Aspen, and I nudged him along, he decided to open the card.

His reaction was priceless...

 After the initial shock wore off, he was thrilled of course to be growing our family :)

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