Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Very "Valentine" Playgroup

What do you do when the shortest month of the year seems like the longest? Well you get crazy with all things Valentine to help pass the time!

As I mentioned before, Adelaide & I spent some time crafting as well as cooking & baking all sorts of fun cupid-like treats this month. Ryan & I have spent much of the month celebrating Valentine's day and my birthday. So as we enter the home stretch of February, I thought it only fitting to close it out with a festive Tuesday playgroup...Valentine themed of course!

No playgroup is complete without yummy treats. Our kiddos love to eat and us moms love to make new & fun treats. I made my first batch of rice krispy treats with a touch of Valentine's (heart shaped and dipped in pink white chocolate!). I also whipped up some strawberry fudge which is super simple and only needs 2 ingredients. A little Cupid trail mix comprised of golden grahams (vanilla cupcake), mini marshmallows, & Valentine M&Ms. Plus red velvet mini milkshakes, heart bacon & eggs, and fruit kabobs to fill our tummies!

Adelaide loved making Valentine's for all of her friends...I Need S'more Friends Like You! And they each got a cute little festive plate to eat their s'mores on :)

Our playgroup has the sweetest kids this side of the Hudson and they truly love each other. Their little eyes light up each week and hugs & squeals are had by all. The moms are amazing and bring so much life & love to the table. It truly has been a weekly blessing for Adelaide & I to spend time with everyone!

PS- You might notice the WAY better quality in these pics than the past few weeks...yep I got my fancy camera back from repair and couldn't be happier about it!!

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  1. Would you happen to have the download for the "I need s'more friends like you" printable? The domesticatedlady website isn't active anymore.