Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Stations of the Cross: The Journey From Lent to Easter

Our church, St. Augustine, has the most beautiful stations of the cross located on the hill overlooking the Hudson River. They're simply breath-taking and offer a safe haven for those wishing to reflect or pray in nature.

Last fall my mom suggested that come Lent I blog about each station. So here I am! I can't think of a better way to spend the Lenten/Easter season that intently praying the stations of the cross and sharing them with others.

There are 7 weeks of Lent and 14 stations of the cross. My plan is to reflect & share two stations each week throughout this season. My hope is that I may have a deeper understanding and appreciation of Jesus' life as well as touch or inspire others to learn more as well.

As for my Lenten promise, I am not giving up anything rather I am concentrating on giving more of myself/being a better person. By nature I lack a lot of patience in all areas of life. I am a get-it-done kind of girl but I also have a short fuse when it comes to nonsense. The first step is admitting the problem right?! I really want to focus on being a more patient mother to Adelaide for the next 7 weeks. Albeit challenging, I know it is the best promise I can make for myself and my child in order to honor Jesus for the sacrifices He has made for us.

I hope that you will follow along in my journey! Your prayers are much appreciated as I embark on this ambitious Lenten promise.

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