Saturday, May 11, 2013

Snapshots on a Saturday: Friends & Fun

The last two weeks have been filled with beaucoup amounts of friendship and fun times. Aham came to visit from Charleston for a few days which was beyond needed for this girl. A sweet southern smile, lots of wine, and girl talk can cure just about anything :) Doesn't hurt that she helped cart around my chunky monkey giving this mommy's back a break for a bit. We got to enjoy the gorgeous weather that has been hanging around here in the Northeast. Hitting up Greenwich for shopping and the Big Apple for sightseeing, we covered much ground. We also had plenty of "couch" time relaxing and catching up on life.

Adelaide also played dress up in her new Heidi Klum inspired dress. Her future IS so bright that she's wearing shades. Or eating them. Whatever moves her.

She also has some new tricks up her sleeve...holding her bottle one handed, crawling through tunnels, attempting to climb up stairs. You know the usual stuff.

Don't let her smile fool you...she is into EVERYTHING. Curlers included.

We have really enjoyed that warm weather I mentioned. The backyard has become a fun little spot in the afternoons. Homegirl needs a tan as does mommy so we dabble in a little vitamin C when we can!

And well we I have been on my toes as Ms. Adelaide has been on the move...

Hope you all have had a fabulous week!

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