Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May Date: Picnic for Two & Beach Day at Croton Point Park

For May's date, we decided to step outside our backyard and enjoy the peace that nature brings. Tucked away behind the Croton-Harmon train station is a beautiful park, Croton Point, which is wedged between the Hudson River and the west banks of Westchester County. Boats glide in and out as they cruise on down to the city & over to the Hamptons. Families enjoy picnic lunches on the beach as children joyfully play on the playgrounds complete with swings & slides.

So we decided to have our own little family picnic and beach day. The air was crisp and slightly cool when out of the sunshine, but we loved being outside & taking in the scenery. We laid our blankets on the freshly cut grass and opened our picnic basket cooler. With a few snacks leftover from our Derby party, we lunched on petite sandwiches, cheese & crackers, and cupcakes. Sipping on a chilled chardonnay while Adelaide played with her toys and her puffs, we had a wonderful little family afternoon.

It was refreshing to have a low-key family date so close to home. I feel like Croton Point Park will be a staple in our lives come summertime! And I can't believe that this was our 7th monthly date! Our second year of marriage is flying by with lightning speed!! I can't wait for next month's adventure...

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